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  • TV Squad Writers Get the Band Back Together

    For their 100th podcast, the folks at Antenna Free TV invited some TV Squad writers to talk about the old days. We covered a lot of other stuff too!

  • MTV’s Next Movie is on the Web!

    Earlier this summer, I heard a rumor that fellow ex-AOL staffers Scott Robson and Kevin Polowy were building a new movie site for MTV. So I emailed Scott to see if he’d be looking for writers – yes, he wrote back, whenever the site went live. Then I sort of forgot about it and went…

  • Great One-Day Deal on ‘The West Wing’ from Amazon

    If you’re a fan of ‘The West Wing,’ or even if you plan on watching it at some point in the future, Amazon is offering a great one-day sale on it as their Gold Box Deal of the Day. ‘The West Wing: The Complete Series’ is on sale for just $99.99, which really is an…

  • Big Changes at TV Squad

    Yes, I’m still here! Apologies for my absence this week. Some of you know I’m an editor and writer over at AOL’s TV Squad, and we’re in the process of merging two blogs there – TV Squad and Inside TV. That should happen in the next week or so. I think the change will be…