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  • Movie Review: The Martian

    Movie Review: The Martian

    Jane reviews “The Martian,” a big, action-packed space movie starring Matt Damon as an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars.

  • Movie Review: Transcendence

    Movie Review: Transcendence

    Jane reviews “Transcendence,” and wonders if Johnny Depp is too big a movie star to play a regular person.

  • Photo Gallery: Transcendence

    Photo Gallery: Transcendence

    Check out a few movie stills and posters for “Transcendence,” a sci-fi thriller starring Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, a visionary who works toward his goal of creating an omniscient, sentient machine. Meanwhile, a radical anti-technology group fights to prevent him from establishing a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.…