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Reel Life With Jane’s “Move the Body” Friends

You know that saying, “A friend helps you move, but a true friend helps you move the body”? Well, these are our “move the body” friends in the online business community. And if they’re not actually available to help us move the body on a given day, they’ll:

And so much more! Clearly, these people are important to our emotional, physical and spiritual well being, so please take a look at their sites, enjoy their witty repartee, buy their books, and use their products and services.

A Traveler’s Library – Vera Marie Badertscher on Books & Movies to Inspire Travel

aBroad Across the Globe – Travel Writer Brandi Andres’ Journey to Health & Happiness

Attainable Sustainable – Kris Bordessa Revives the Lost Art of Self-Sufficiency

Bohemian Adventures – Notes on an Unconventional Life from Wendee Holtcamp

Brette Sember – Editor, Indexer, Book Doctor & Freelancer

Broke Parents – Bobbi Dempsey on Creative Ways to Earn & Save Money

Champion of My Heart – Roxanne Hawn’s Memoirs of Life With a Fearful Border Collie

Chezsven Blog: Wellfleet Today – Alexandra Grabbe on Innkeeping & Ecology on Cape Cod

Claudine Jalajas – Mother Bears Whisper to Each Other in the Forest: Don’t Get Between Claudine & Her Kids

Como el pulpo – Paul Katz’s Dispatches from Buenos Aires

Discover Washington State – Heather Larson’s love letter to the Evergreen State

Domestic Divas – Jennifer Brody’s Food & Lifestyle Site

Frugal Kiwi – Melanie McMinn, New Zealand’s Queen of “Learn It. Do It. Live It.”

Good.Food.Stories – Narrative Food Stories from Casey Barber, Danielle Oteri & Friends

Health Conscious Travel – Melanie Haiken on Nurturing Your Body, Feeding Your Soul & Satisfying Your Thirst for Adventure

Hysterical Mommy – Katharine Malmo on Parenting, Adoption, Cancer & More

J the Travel Authority – Jeanine Barone’s Adventures in Travel, Food, Wine, Design & Architecture

Jenny Neill – Missives from Writer, Traveler and Sommelier Jenny Neill, Founder of Seattle Writergrrls

Leonard Felson – True Narrative Stories from Leonard Felson

Lettuce Eat Kale – Sarah Henry’s Musings on Food, Family & Greens

Lexie Kahn: Word Snooper – Judith B. Herman on Words & Their Origins

Living Large In Our Little House – Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell on Life in a Little House

Midlife Matters – Sheryl Kraft on Health & Happiness

ScreenPunk.net – Musings from Pop Culture Writer, Nerd and All-Around Good Guy Mike Moody

MommaSaid.net – Jen Singer on Parenting, Cancer & Frat Houses

Music Road – Kerry Dexter on Irish, Scottish, Folk & Country Music

Musical Shapes – Music & Pop Culture from Michael Berick

My Itchy Travel Feet – Donna Hull’s Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel

My Kids Eat Squid – Adventures in Food & Family

Pain Perdu – Gizele Perez Journeys from New Orleans to L.A. & Back Again

Panic Handbook – Ken Fisler’s Site for Anyone Who Panics About Anything

Parents Need to Eat Too – Debbie Koenig’s Words to Eat By

PR Therapy – Robin Blakely’s Personalized Business Workouts for Overachievers

Project Happily Ever After – Alisa Bowman writes on Marriage, Relationships & Enlightenment

Seeking Shama – Christine “Kee Kee” Buckley: Seeking Inner Peace Across America

State College Mom – Holly Swanson Writes from the Bermuda Triangle of Pennsylvania

Sticking My Neck Out – Jennifer Margulis on Life and Motherhood

Thai Spas Now – Jim Carr Writes on Thailand’s Spa Industry

The Culinary Life – Stephanie Stiavetti: Professional Foodie at Large

The Fabulous Geezersisters – Ruth Pennebaker’s Niche-Less Blog

The Friendship Blog – Irene Levine’s advice and tips on nurturing female friendships

The Haiku Diaries – Jenna Schnuer & Rachel Dickinson Haiku About Their Lives

The Humor Columnist – Funny Stuff from Joe Donatelli

The Turkish Life – Jennifer Hattam’s Notes from Istanbul

The Writer’s [Inner] Journey – Meredith Resnick’s Interviews with Authors & Professional Creatives

Tiffany Hawk – Missives from Travel Industry Insider Tiffany Hawk

TV Worth Watching – David Bianculli & Crew (including Jane) Opine on All Things TV

Wandermelon – Global Dispatches from Eric Hiss, Kate Ayrton, Terena Thyne Eisner & Ann Wycoff

Write On! Online – Deb Eckerling’s Community for Writers