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Caitlin Sanchez, the new voice of “Dora the Explorer”

Scoot McNairy, star and producer of “In Search of a Midnight Kiss”

Chin Han, star of “The Dark Knight”

Ross Partridge, star of “Baghead”

Ioan Gruffudd, star of “Fantastic Four,” “Amazing Grace,” “W.,” and other movies (interviewed by Charmian Christie)

Marc Worden, the voice of “Iron Man”

Tanna Frederick, star of “Hollywood Dreams”

Daniel Davila, director of “Harrison Montgomery”

Amin Maltaqa, director of “Captain Abu Raed”

The Bitch Slap Girls!

Lauren McKnight, star of “HottieBoombaLottie”

Ethan Shaftel, director of “Suspension”

Jon Turteltaub, director of “National Treasure 2”

Joshua Seftel, director of “War, Inc.”

Paul Boyd, director and writer of “Vicious Circle”