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Jane BoursawJane Boursaw, editor-in-chief and film critic. Jane started Reel Life With Jane around the turn of the century. She’s really not that ancient, but sometimes feels like it because of the two teenagers who live in her house. Jane has written for hundreds of print and online publications over the years, including Variety, People Magazine, Woman’s Day, USA Weekend, Parade, Family Circle and AOL, where she was an editor/staff writer for TV Squad, Moviefone and PopEater. When not tapping out movie reviews, you’ll find Jane in her kayak off the shores of the Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, Michigan. Follow Jane on Twitter @reellifejane and Facebook, and read all of her stories here.

Melanie VotawMelanie Votaw, senior staff writer. Melanie began studying dance at age four and wrote her first poem at age six. Throughout her childhood and young life, she performed as a dancer, singer and actress, but she also spent time writing … a lot. After having published 13 books, writing has mostly won the “battle of the modes of self-expression” (with a few occasional lapses on a stage). Melanie now likes to surround herself with creative people, attending theater and film festivals, and writing about those people and their work. Luckily, her home “town” of New York City gives her many opportunities to do just that. Melanie’s website is Rule the Word, but she’s working on a travel and entertainment blog that she hopes to launch soon. Follow Melanie on Twitter @melanievotaw, and read all of her stories here.

Paula SchwartzPaula Schwartz, staff writer. Paula is a veteran journalist based in New York who is passionate about the movies. Her idea of heaven is watching three movies in a row. She’s written for various outlets, including the New York Times, Showbiz411, More and MovieMaker Magazine. For five seasons, she contributed to the New York Times seasonal movie blog, Carpetbaggers, where she covered major awards events and interviewed stars like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman and Helen Mirren. Read all of Paula’s stories here.

Connie WangK.L. Connie Wang, staff writer. Connie is a huge fan of monthly serial romance novels and Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series. Connie has been published in The Orlando Sentinel, Campus Circle and Latina Bride magazine, as well as on such web sites as TVFodder, FilmFodder, The Travel Channel and IgoUgo. Other interests include shopping (especially when it comes to finding the best bargain!), food (eating, cooking, watching food shows, and eating again), books, online gaming, and traveling when her income affords it. Follow Connie on Facebook, Twitter @BeTheBuddha and Pinterest, and read all of her stories here.

Kimberly StrandKimberly Strand, staff writer. Kim is a married mother of two teenagers who grew-up in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Seattle in 1979 where she now resides. She’s a stay at home mom and school volunteer who helps with a variety of causes. She loves to travel, read, and spend time with family and friends. She grew up watching movies and TV with her grandmother and, like many young girls, dreamed of moving to Hollywood and becoming an actress. Her favorite movies are “Meet Me in St. Louis” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” and her favorite TV show is “Bones.” Kim finished her first screenplay in January 2013, and is working on a second. Her dream is to work on a movie or television set helping to produce something she’s created. Follow Kimberly on Twitter @KimberlyStrand1, check out her “Bones” recaps here, and read all of her stories here.

Barbara BenhamBarbara Benham, staff writer. Barbara is a Washington, D.C.-based writer, blogger and digital consultant. A film buff, she has had a tortured relationship with television, forsaking it altogether from her mid-teens through early 20s, then diving deeply into it when she worked for a college professor studying network news. She’s never had cable and only started watching “Mad Men” because she happened to be staying in a hotel (a Hilton no less) when season five premiered. Barbara loves her teenage son and travel, both of which she can never get enough. She blogs at Follow her on Twitter @TravelSweeps, check out her “Mad Men” recaps here. and read all of her stories here.

Vera Marie BadertscherVera Marie Badertscher, staff writer. Vera’s grandmother was the ticket seller at the Duncan Theater in Killbuck, Ohio, and nepotism probably helped Vera Marie get her first job — registering people and then drawing names each Saturday night for the giveaway that drew farm families from their weekly shopping into the theater. Her biggest movie regret is that she didn’t pinch some of those 1950’s movie posters from the Duncan Theater or didn’t save the machine-autographed pictures of movie stars she sent away for during her pre-teens. At A Traveler’s Library, Vera writes about books and movies that inspire people to travel. Here at Reel Life With Jane, she covers classic films and movie stars that aren’t “reel-y” gone. Follow Vera on Facebook, Twitter @pen4hire, and Google + , and read all of her stories here.


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