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The Rise of Online Branded Games – McDonald’s, KFC Get Into the Game

It is clear that online gaming has been one of the huge success stories of recent years. With an estimated 700 million people playing games online according to research by Spil Games, this is a truly global phenomenon.

There are many different ways for all of these people to play, from racing games to card games, role-playing fantasies, and a lot more. Among the most interesting recent developments has been the rise of online branded games. What are they all about and what do they offer?

Pokemon Go Weedle“Pokemon Go Weedle” by Zeyus Media (CC BY 2.0)

Online Branded Games: A Chance for Brands to Engage Customers

These days, the world’s biggest brands are all looking for fresh ways to engage the public. A slick, fun game that is pitched at the right audience can do wonders in raising the profile of the business while providing a lot of entertainment.

It is no surprise to see that many of the planet’s leading brands have taken the chance to produce their own games. These include McDonald’s, which moved its popular Monopoly game to mobile devices a few years ago and offers a range of other games.

Another leader in this area is KFC. They launched the Kentucky Fried Chicken Football Challenge on Instagram. Other brands to try this approach include Disney, HBO, Nike, and many other big names. The proven success of branded games means that many more of them are sure to follow.

Branded Slots for a Unique Experience

Another type of game that has become widespread is the branded slots game. This takes the traditional slot machine idea and adds features such as logos, characters, and music from a big brand. This creates a unique experience that is linked to a brand the player already likes.

In the last few years, we have seen these slots feature movies such as Terminator 2, Jumanji, and Jurassic World. They have also been built around TV shows like Deal or No Deal, The Osbournes, and American Idol. Rock stars, board games, and superheroes provide inspiration for other slots.

On the Twitter page of the Mr Green Casino, we can see further details of the wide scope of these branded slots. It features Worms Reloaded, based on the famous PC game. They have also gone a step further and created a game based on their own brand, Lucky Mr Green, by Red Tiger Gaming.

An Easy Way to Reach More People

Online branded games are here to stay. Their massive popularity and acceptance mean that we can expect to see even more of them appear on our screens in the years to come.

Part of the reason why this has become such a hot topic is that it is now a very easy way for companies to reach more people. Most of us love to play games, and modern technology means that any business can offer us some great entertainment.

For companies, the key to doing this right is in offering the right type of game for the intended public. For players, it is simply about choosing the game that appeals to them most and promises to liven up the next few minutes or hours.






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