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When Will Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoin as Betting Stakes?

When it comes to casinos, Las Vegas is the global benchmark. The legendary Nevada gambling capital has always led the way with bigger and better casino bonuses, expansive games selections and dazzling live entertainment.

Slot Machines and Showgirls

Slot machines and showgirls are the mainstay of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Money is the backbone of the desert dreamcatcher, and any and everything that’s new, innovative and exciting makes it way to the city that never sleeps … sooner rather than later.

BTC Supports Anonymity and Easy Criminality

As the unequivocal trend setter in the live gaming environment, you’d think that Vegas would aid and abet the Bitcoin boom. After all, crypto is cryptic by nature, and the “reformed” Mafia dons who reputedly still own the town are undoubtedly attracted to the anonymity and easy criminality that defines the virtual cash alternative.

No Regulatory Red Tape

In fact, there is arguably no better way to launder large amounts of illicit funds than to buy Bitcoin in big fat bundles and then sell when the price spikes. There’s no big daddy watching, no regulatory red tape in which to get entangled, and no transactional records that the Feds can use to rope in the bad guys.

Open Tap to Crisp Hard Cash 

It’s an open tap to streams of crisp, hard cash where nobody really cares where it comes from or where it’s going, whether it’s funding ISIS, Boko Haram or Al Qaeda, or financing the deadly dissemination of heroin and crack cocaine into sleepy suburban neighbourhoods.

Bitcoin Facilitates Private Purchases

Bitcoin is the go-to guy for folks who want the freedom of private purchases, so you’d think the principal pit bosses on the Strip and Downtown would make it easy to wager and win in BTC. As we’ve already alluded to, that is not the case. For once, Las Vegas – that cash rich doyenne of live entertainment – is lagging behind, and it’s hard to figure out why.

Use BTC at The D Las Vegas  

That’s not to say Bitcoin hasn’t snuck its way into the city and – more specifically – into the lobbies of some of the B&M gambling venues.  The D, that darn fine casino that’s been drawing the crowds Downtown for almost four decades, is one of the first big name gambling dens to offer patrons the opportunity to draw BTC at an onsite ATM.

Legal Tender for Non-Gambling Services 

It’s legal tender when you use it to pay for non-gambling services like a room or a meal at the legendary D restaurants. Sadly, you can’t juice your betting bankroll with Bitcoin to fund the fun and games on the tables or on the reels. You can, however, convert the cryptocurrency into genuine dollar bills via the ATM’s ‘sell’ functionality and use the conventional paper money to bet, play and hopefully win that constantly accumulating progressive jackpot.

The Golden Gate Accepts BTC at the Front Desk Only  

The Golden Gate casino is the second property in Las Vegas to officially accept Bitcoin, but only at the front desk. If you’re looking for BTC fuelled victuals, you’ll have to stroll across to The D or simply pay cash.

Bitcoin is Big at Online Casinos 

It’s online that Bitcoin has already made significant inroads as a casino payment option with considerable clout.  In fact, there are dozens of remote gambling destinations that gladly accept Bitcoin and a host of lesser known cryptocurrencies that haven’t quite hogged the headlines in the same fashion that the volatile virtual coin has.

Get Your Wagers Away with Neat Lines of Code

You can fund your casino account in Bitcoin and even redeem casino bonuses quoted in BTC. In cyberspace, it’s a veritable free for all for savvy players who have plenty of Bitcoin under their belt.

If you’re cash flush in crypto, you can click on through to the likes of Betchain Casino, 777 Coin Casino, Slotland Casino, Intertops Red Casino or Black Diamond Casino, open your digital wallet and splash the proverbial cash that comes in neat little lines of code! How cool is that?

When Will Mainstream Vegas Accept BTC?

So … if the online casinos are happily banking Bitcoin, when can we expect their B&M counterparts to join the crypto fray According to those in the know, the all-powerful gaming regulators are reluctant to give BTC the all-clear.

Apparently, the reason behind the current state of affairs is that nobody has come up with a workable model to regulate the blockchain enabled cash alternative. In the minds of the enforcers, no regulations translate into currency-induced chaos.

B&M Casino Operators Keen to Exploit the Bitcoin Boom

Having said all that, the B&M casino operators are dead set on exploring an alternative to hard cash. Cryptocurrencies are more secure and don’t require physical handling, attributes that undoubtedly delight the big men of betting.

Time for Vegas to Gear Up for Next Gen Gamblers 

With the younger generation showing an insatiable appetite for cryptocurrencies, it can only be a matter of time before Las Vegas casinos gear up in an effort to extract as much value out of the next gen of gamblers, men and women who have cut their teeth on blockchain bucks like Bitcoin. Hold onto your hats, people. BTC is destined to hit Vegas casinos someday soon!






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