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Blue Ivy: The Style of Beyonce’s Daughter

Do you recall the first time that Queen Beyoncé revealed to the world she was pregnant with twins? She announced her big news in February 2017 via Instagram, and the picture has been liked more than 11 million times.

At the time, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy was five years old. Little Blue Ivy used to dress like her mom, and because of this she has been featured in several fashion magazines such as Vogue and made rather a name for herself!

Recently, she was featured in newspapers, magazines and on social media when she decided to offer a few thousand dollars for some works of art during the Wearable Art Gala, where Beyoncé was honored for her humanitarian work and Blue Ivy had fun bidding at the auction.

Just for the record, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taught their daughter how to invest in art, and she is doing pretty well at it too!

Sitting between her parents, Blue Ivy was very excited to be able to raise her plaque, placing bids on a piece called “Young Sidney,” by artist Tiffanie Anderson.

The little girl made an offer of $17,000 for the painting, and when JAY-Z jokingly tried to pull the plaque from her hand, Blue Ivy wasn’t having that! She then went on to increase her bid to $19,000!

“Let me tell you what’s going on,” teased the host of the auction. “Her mom and dad are talking about how you should put together a good art collection. This is a big deal for African Americans.”

However, Blue Ivy could not bring home the picture she wanted so badly. Tyler Perry made the final winning bid of $20,000 for the painting.

Blue Ivy, who has showcased confident and sassy behavior in public before, attended the gala with her mom, both of whom were wearing elaborate gold dresses. Blue Ivy also wore a gold wig. Let’s take a look at some other occasions when Blue Ivy’s outfits have caught the attention of the media:

1 – Blue Ivy attended the NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles, and was carrying a £1230 Louis Vuitton handbag.

2 – The famous Carter family attended Lawrence Parker’s wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not surprisingly, Blue Ivy was the best-dressed member of her family. The budding style icon wore a dress from Mischka Aoki that cost between $3,456 and $5,577.

3 – When she was two years old, Beyonce dressed up as her idol Janet Jackson for Halloween and she had the perfect accessory — a mini Michael! Blue Ivy looked absolutely adorable as Michael Jackson!

4 – Mother and daughter wore matching Gucci varsity jackets at the Dallas vs. Chicago game at AT&T stadium in 2016.

5 – Bey and Blue celebrated last Mother’s Day in a matching set of ruffled Dolce & Gabbana Hydrangea-print chiffon gowns. The adult sized version retails for $5,395 (Neiman Marcus). As for Blue’s mini D&G dress? A sleeveless style of the children’s gown in the same print retails for $545.

Hats off to our favorite tiny style icon!



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