Movie Review: ‘Most Likely to Murder’ Starring Rachel Bloom

Vincent Kartheiser, Adam Pally and Rachel Bloom in “Most Likely to Murder:

I’m a big fan of Rachel Bloom from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” fame. I’ve even seen her live in concert twice. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of her husband Dan Gregor’s latest film, “Most Likely to Murder.”

Adam Pally (“The Mindy Project”) stars as Billy, the coolest guy in high school, who is now 33 and coming to terms with the fact that he hasn’t … ahem … lived up to his potential. In short, he’s a mess and ends up living with his parents again.

He discovers that his former girlfriend is now dating Lowell (played by Vincent Kartheiser of “Mad Men”), the guy he used to torment in school, and he hates this. When Lowell’s mother dies, Billy suspects that Lowell killed her and sets out to prove it.

The premise doesn’t live up to its promise, however. Billy isn’t a sympathetic character, and his antics aren’t that interesting or funny. Then, the film ends with a clunk.

Oddly, Bloom plays it straight most of the time with only a couple of true comedic moments. In short, she’s wasted as this character. The best work comes from Vincent Kartheiser, whose offbeat behavior keeps us guessing as to whether he did it or didn’t do it.

Gregor directed the script he cowrote with Doug Mand, a writer for “How I Met Your Mother.” “Most Likely to Murder” is currently available on digital, DVD, and on demand.


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