Ever Wonder What’s In Those Emmy Award Swag Bags?

We hear tales of the kind of swag bestowed on Hollywood stars whenever they attend an award show. Well, here’s the skinny on one of those Emmy Award swag bags, which was contained in Go Dash Dot’s Infinity Bags and taken home by the likes of Viola Davis, Elizabeth Moss, and Jessica Lange.

This bag, put together by Hollywood Swag Bag, wasn’t quite as luxurious as you might expect:

  1. Gift cards for dry bar Alchemy 43 treatments like Botox injections
  2. Necklace and encrusted pen from Zirconmania’s Diamond Veneer collection
  3. “One Million Kisses,” a book by Janine Turner
  4. Healthy snacks from Seasnax, N.B.T.F. (Nothing But the Fruit), FUNCH Foods, and others
  5. Handcrafted truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates
  6. Australian Skin Institute Dermal Face Lift masks
  7. Food, beverage, and activity gift vouchers for Finn’s Beach Club luxury resort in Bali
  8. A candle called “Curiosity” by interior designer David Monn
  9. Bluestone Sunshields sunglasses

This year’s most unusual gift came from PlantOGram, which included a small fully-grown plant inside the bag. It’s the first time an agricultural company was included in a Hollywood swag bag.

What? You were expecting diamonds and private jets?



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