‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season Nine: Larry David is Back


It’s been six years since we last saw Larry David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” but now the curmudgeon is back. The “Seinfeld co-creator is reviving his hit show. Last week at the show’s premiere at the SVA Theater in Manhattan, I asked him how Larry David has changed since we last saw him.

“TV Larry or real Larry?” TV Larry is exactly the same, as am I,” David told me on the red carpet.

So the whole gang is back, featuring Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, J.B Smoove (Leon) and Cheryl Hines, all of whom attended the season nine premiere.

Smoove told me his character is just as raucous as ever. “He wouldn’t be Leon if he didn’t give you some raucousness, some honesty, some blunt talk.” Somehow Larry never seems to be listening. “He’s listening but he never does it right, he never does it right.”


– New York, NY – 9/27/17 The New York Premiere of HBOs “Curb Your Enthusiasm” After Party The Season debuted oct 1st .
– Pictured: Susie Essman and Larry David
– Photo by: Dave Allocca/Starpix
-Location: Tao

Susie Essman told me she would be yelling at Larry as much as usual and admitted that after those scenes her throat hurts. “It gets sore quite often when I do these screaming and yelling scenes, and then I have to rest for a day and not speak,” she told me. But her character is still the same, still married to Jeff, …still kicking Larry out of my house. As for possible future seasons. “That would make me very happy,” she told me on the red carpet. “I don’t think I’m going to outgrow the part.”

Director and executive producer Jeff Schaffer told me the passage of the six years since season eight will be addressed. “Yes, it was very important to us when we were writing the new season to adjust what’s been going on in the meantime, so in the first episode we’ll see Larry’s been working on something since we last saw him. And he’s very excited to show it to the world and when he does, he does not get the reaction he was expecting.”

As for the cast, “Everyone’s back, Jeff and Susan and Leon. Cheryl and Larry are still divorced. You’ve got single Cheryl and single Larry roaming around the West side of Los Angeles. And Jeff and Susie’s daughter Sandy is all grown up now. She’s a young woman with a serious boyfriend, who Jeff and Susie really like and then Larry meets him and other stuff happens. Everyone’s been living their lives and progressing except Larry, who’s like a bacteria resistant to medicine. He’s genetically resistant to personal growth,” said Schaffer.

There were a few hints of what’s in store in the new season. Schaeffer told me, “There’s also going to be some blasts from seasons way past, characters from seasons past are coming back throughout the season.”

As for more seasons Schaffer told me, “Every season’s the last season, no matter what, and I finally realized why: All the ideas go into that season and we never want to do another season without ideas. Larry’s the only person who doesn’t think he’s going to come up with more ideas.”

Seasons Nine begins Sunday, October 1 on HBO.

– New York, NY – 9/27/17 The New York Premiere of HBOs “Curb Your Enthusiasm” After Party The Season debuted oct 1st .
– Pictured: Cheryl Hines, Robert Kennedy Jr and Keegan -Michael Key
– Photo by: Dave Allocca/Starpix
-Location: Tao



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