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Common Streaming Problems and How to Fix Them

We’ve all been there … halfway through watching a gripping series and then, whilst holding onto our seats, waiting for the pinnacle season highlight, the stream decides to buffer! Other complaints include reduced and intermittent access to your favorite streaming sites – cause of a major headache to many!

You spend ages finding the perfect site, only for it to become blocked a few days later. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. There are plenty of solutions available, such as how to unblock streaming sites, (the answer is by using a VPN!) that will help you get the best viewing experience possible!

Streaming Restrictions

streaming, netflix, vpn, buffering
Common Streaming Problems and How to Fix Them

Across the globe various restrictions are in place about what content can be streamed and where. You might be surprised to discover that your Netflix account or BBC I player doesn’t work while you’re on holiday. That’s because different countries have different licensing rules. This frequently comes down to copyright and licensing issues.

While some films may cost just a few thousand to make, big multi-dollar blockbusters can cost into the millions. The most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film cost a cool $320 Million. With so much invested into these productions, the makers do everything in their power to ensure they can retrieve money back through copyright protection.

To avoid any legal battles with the producers, Netflix, for example, blocks usage of varying productions from one country to another, depending on the agreements in place. The answer to this frustrating issue is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will allow you to circumnavigate governmental and regional restrictions by using another network and IP address to gain access!


Watching videos online with flash-based video players can result in viruses to your device if the web player is infected and your flash version is not fully protected. The same is true for JAVA-based players. Trusted and reputable video sites are far less risky. Scammers and malware are becoming increasingly clever about finding novel ways to hide viruses in streaming files. Some infections cause a slowdown in power on your device as another user hogs your power. Be sure to have an efficient anti-virus software installed, as well as CCleaner to destroy cookies stored.


Trusted online streaming services frequently require a membership fee, and this can become very costly. Many users go out of their way to pay the sums required, through sharing accounts or streaming from unreliable sources.

In recent years, a vast boom has been noted in live streaming. Video has not just become something to watch, but it has crept into our social networking domains. This huge shift has been manifested in Facebook Live and Snapchat videos, as well, and more and more people are now connected socially through live streaming.

While there are a few problems that can crop up when you are live streaming, or even just streaming, having a decent VPN in place can help you avoid all of them. By checking out some online reviews, you can find the perfect provider to suit your needs, and with any luck, enjoy streaming in peace!


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