Noa Koler Stars in Rama Burshtein’s Hasidic Rom-Com ‘The Wedding Plan’

Israeli actress Noa Koler stars in “The Wedding Plan,” as an Orthodox woman desperate to get married at age 32 in this Hasidic rom-com by writer-director Rama Burshtein. The comedy is Burshtein’s follow up to the critically acclaimed drama “Fill the Void,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2013.

In “The Wedding Plan,” Koler plays Michal, an energetic and devout woman whose fiancé dumps her less than a month before their wedding date. Instead of cancelling her wedding plans, Michael has faith she will find a groom in time.

For my interview with Rama Burshtein, the ultra-Orthodox writer-director of “The Wedding Plan” please check out my article in








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