Rachel Weisz Stars in Daphne du Maurier Remake of ‘My Cousin Rachel’

Rachel Weisz stars in “My Cousin Rachel,” a revenge thriller based on the 1951 novel by British author Daphne du Maurier. Like the more famous novel and film “Rebecca,” the film is set in Cornwall on a massive estate.

There have been numerous television remakes of the book but the most famous adaptation is the 1952 film starring Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton.

The story focuses on a young man who plots to take revenge on the woman he thinks murdered his beloved cousin. But when he meets her face to face, of course he falls for her. The film co-stars Sam Claflin as the guy who hasn’t a chance against this beautiful dame.

Weisz brings complexity and intelligence to all her roles and as a lover of British book adaptations, especially of mysteries, this looks like a summer movie highlight. The director is also also a favorite of mine: Roger Michell, who directed Peter O’Toole in his final film “Venus” and helmed the Hugh Grant-Julia Robbins hit “Notting Hill.”


“My Cousin Rachel” will open June 9.






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