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‘Timeless’ Recap: ‘The Alamo’ – 1×5 – Bowie Knives, Davy Crockett and John Smith

Remember the Alamo! Okay, I had to say it.

In this episode of “Timeless,” which shows like a feature film set, the trio is dropped right into the days leading up to the siege of the Alamo. The year is 1836, and the trio is definitely in harms way… nobody escaped the Alamo.

Brushing up on my history, I had forgotten what a bloody and merciless attack the Alamo was. I knew, but forgot that everyone was killed no matter if they were men, women or children.

Anyway, this episode covered a lot of ground in a short hour.

Rufus confronts Connor about being “threatened” by one of the Rittenhouse men. Lucy and her mother are at odds again about her job, her mysteriousness, and wanting to know who her dad is.

Sweet Wyatt is relieved of his duty because his job is to kill Flynn and he hasn’t accomplished that. Luckily, Flynn left with the time machine again (boy he keeps busy) and Wyatt’s replacement doesn’t have time to train – so Wyatt gets another trip (please).

This trip is right up Wyatt’s alley – everyone in Texas knows about the Alamo. When they arrive, it’s four days before the attack. They need to figure out what Flynn’s plans are.

Flynn tells General Santa Anna (ruthless man) he can help him crush the rebellion. Santa Anna is skeptical and holds Flynn at arms length.

Flynn does the unthinkable. He arrives at the office of Colonel William Travis as he writes his famous letter that states “never surrender or retreat,” and ends it with “Victory or death.” This letter is what encouraged civilians and the Texas army to come together to defeat Santa Anna and his army, and gain Texas statehood. Wow! I just love this show – it’s like a mini history channel documentary, with some entertainment on the side.

Lucy is stuck writing the letter as Travis wrote it. No pressure. There would not be any Alamo – or Texas – if the letter isn’t written. She has a hard time, and the stress gets to her.

Photo from the episode "The Alamo"
Photo from “Timeless” episode “The Alamo”

The battle begins, and Wyatt sees ghosts of his past. He tells Colonel Bowie that he was in a battle and was the only one to survive, “I left them there to die, and they gave me a medal for it.” He feels guilt and shame. Lucy hears the conversation.

Colonel Bowie (“Bowie” knives) gives Wyatt his knife… it was a touching moment, I thought.

Rufus is appointed to get the women and children out, and after he and Davy Crockett bonded (very cool), Crockett gives him the idea about a waterway/aqueduct escape. Lucky, Wyatt brought some grenades on the trip (they came in handy, didn’t they?).

The siege is intense. Rufus has the escape hole under the church open, Lucy gets to Wyatt, but he says he isn’t leaving. She is stunned. She tells him he’s the only one she trusts, “Rufus needs you. I need you,” she says. He finally comes to his senses and goes with her, but not without mixed emotions. He now knows the men who fought at the Alamo – to put it mildly, good men, but I think we should say heroes. Although they lost, which was inevitable, they showed great grace and courage.

As they leave, Lucy realizes the boy that Wyatt had saved is John Smith. The John Smith who delivered “the letter” to General Houston (which lead to the defeat of Santa Anna). Wyatt, speaking from the heart, convinced John to go, even though it may be the hardest thing he would have to do – leave his family (like Wyatt had to leave his men). It’s an order. John agreed to go and take the letter. Rufus wanted Davy to go, but he wanted to stay. He told Rufus to tell everyone he wrestled one thousand bears. He was being brave and funny. Now I want to read a book about Davy Crockett.

I hope everyone will “Remember the Alamo.”

Back at Mason Industries they tell Wyatt he is relieved of duty. Lucy tells them she won’t do her job unless he is there too. Rufus agrees. They show their solidarity, and Wyatt is able to stay. Yay. I think Agent Christopher is happy about it.

Lastly, Lucy’s mom tells her how she met Lucy’s father. Her mom was a junior and her dad a professor (uh huh). She became pregnant, he said he’d marry her, but she didn’t want to get married. She gives Lucy his name. I’m sure meeting her father will be in an upcoming episode. Let’s hope NBC gives “Timeless” more time to get more viewers. It deserves it.

Side Notes: 

Rufus noticed some black men at the Alamo. Lucy reminded him that Mexico outlawed slavery – they were free.

Davy Crockett really didn’t wrestle a bear with one hand. He said his men needed a story like that to inspire them. (Jeff Kober of Sons of Anarchy and my favorite, China Beach, did a great job playing Davy Crockett). Davy seemed like a guy you’d like to sit down with at a bar and let him tell you stories. He seemed like a cool dude.

Why didn’t I know that Davy Crockett died at the Alamo? Geez.

John Smith became the first mayor of San Antonio.

Hot off the press! NBC has extended Timeless to 16 episodes. That’s a good thing. What did you think of this episode of Timeless? Leave thoughts in the comments below. 






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