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‘Timeless’ Recap: Atomic City 1×3 – Kennedy, Sinatra & Atomic Bombs

First of all, I just love the different times and eras that “Timeless” covers. So fun. This time it’s 1962 and the destination is – Vegas! Every show has to have an episode in Vegas, right?!

We start with Lucy trying to remember/visualize her other life – the one with her fiance. She goes through scrapbooks, but nothing jogs her memory. Her fiance comes up behind her and they talk. She feels uncomfortable, and Mason Industries calls just in the nick of time. What a weird deal that would be, a fiance you don’t even know. At least he’s good looking!

Wyatt looks at articles about his wife. One says she’s missing, the next that she is dead. That’s sad. He is still in mourning and guilt ridden. We don’t know why yet, but we know he blames himself.

Rufus and Mason discuss Anthony. Mason thinks Anthony has something to do with Flynn (and he’s right), but Rufus defends Anthony and wants to help him. Nice guy, Rufus.

At Mason Industries, they figure out Flynn is in Vegas. It’s September 1962. President Kennedy is in town for a DNC Fundraiser, and Sinatra is the headliner at the Sands Hotel (awesome!) There will be politicians, celebs, mafia and the President. If Flynn kills any of them, it could be a disaster (that’s the theme of ‘Timeless’ – Flynn could cause world chaos if he alters history).

President Kennedy and Judith Campbell are in a hotel room. Judith is his mistress. Flynn gets some photos of them kissing and plans to use them to blackmail her into helping him. (Judith was a prominent figure in the day. She was a mistress to Kennedy, mobster Sam Giancana and General Milano, to name a few – she was with men of power, and she apparently knew things).

Our heroes dress in their best 1960s clothes, and off they go. They land and see a huge bomb go off. Rufus thinks it’s too late, Flynn has acted, but Lucy tells him that there is an atomic bomb test site – even Wyatt knows about the testing, being in the military. Crazy!

They wind up at the Sands (I was mentally transporting myself back in time, drinking martinis and watching Sinatra in person!), and look for Flynn. Rufus “borrows” some staff uniforms and they mix in.

Photo from the episode "Atomic City"
Photo from the episode “Atomic City”

Surprised, Rufus sees his boss, Anthony, at the bar. What? He approaches him and tries to get Anthony to leave with him, but he won’t. Anthony is clearly distraught. Surprised and confused, Rufus leaves, knowing Anthony is somehow involved.

You could tell that Anthony knew he made a mistake helping Flynn. Flynn wants to wipe Rittenhouse from history and may need to get rid of Rufus to do it (because he is the only other time-machine pilot). Anthony does not want to kill Rufus.

Flynn snatches Judith, and Wyatt chases and catches him. A fight ensues and Flynn gets away.

In the hotel room, I thought Judith and Lucy had a good talk. Judith had words of wisdom, and Lucy took in what she was saying – and I believe applied it to what was happening in her own life. I thought that was interesting.

Later, after seducing General Milano, Judith gets some keys for Flynn in exchange for the photos of her and Kennedy. Guess what the keys go to? I can’t believe it would be that easy to get keys and get into where an atomic bomb is kept. Well, in this episode it was!

Flynn gets the core (yes, the core to the bomb) and the trio figure out what is going on. They race out to the desert and Wyatt ends up playing chicken with Flynn – to the dismay of Lucy and Rufus. Luckily, they don’t hit each other, but a big shootout takes place. It was like an old mob scene, bullets flying everywhere.

Flynn takes off in his car with Anthony, and Wyatt tries to shoot him. Rufus doesn’t let him. He swears Anthony is a good guy and to give him a chance to explain. Wyatt relents. Thanks, Wyatt.

The bad news is, Flynn has the core. Why? What is he going to do with it?

Back at Mason, the team explains what happened, to the chagrin of their bosses. At least Kennedy and other politicians weren’t killed. History wasn’t altered, but Flynn is still out there, and has the core of an atomic bomb. Probably not good.

Earlier, Wyatt tried to send his wife a telegraph 50 years into the future to thwart her death, but it didn’t work. Lucy feels sad for him. I want to know what happened to her. You can tell it kills him.

Lucy, back at her fiance’s home, tells him she needs to move out and live with her mom for a period of time. He is really sweet and tells her to do whatever she needs to do. Wait, I don’t want to like him, I want Lucy and Wyatt together at some point! Do you?

Fun Facts:

Before being called “Sin City,” Las Vegas was called “Atomic City.” They tested at least 1000 bombs during the 50s and 60s. Isn’t that crazy?!

Citizens actually knew when the testing was going to happen, and would watch and clap.

Judith wasn’t a terrible person, just caught up with the wrong people. She died of cancer and an outcast. I read a lot about her when I was studying about Kennedy in college.

The core of an atomic bomb would radiate whoever held it to the extreme.

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  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I loved this episode! Love the 1960s, and learned something new – about Judith Campbell.

    Yes – I want Lucy and Wyatt together at some point. Not right away, but you can tell there’s some chemistry there.

    And it seems like even if they don’t do anything major when they travel back, there are so many little things that could happen to change the course of history. And we see that with Lucy’s fiance and vanishing sister. Can’t wait to see how they try to fix that.

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