‘Timeless’ Recap: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln – 1×2

The title of this episode of “Timeless” alone made me feel melancholy. President Lincoln was a special man, especially back in 1865. He saved the Union, freed the slaves and gave an empowering and moving speech at Gettysburg, among other things. He was truly a forward thinker for the time.

Starting where we left off, Lucy is reeling about her sister being erased from time, but happy her mother is healthy. Her mission is to get her sister back, although she has to lie to her mom about it. Lucy is summoned back to Mason Industries immediately after her return (no time to even change clothes?). She’s determined to get answers about Amy, but told there is something more important at the moment. Flynn has taken the time machine back to April 14, 1965 – the day President Lincoln was assassinated. Whoa.

Once again, Connor Mason tells Rufus to record Lucy and Wyatt (why?), although Rufus resists. He even asks why “Rittenhouse” even wants it done? Connor made it very clear never to mention “Rittenhouse” again. What or who the heck is Rittenhouse?

We find out that Lucy idolizes Lincoln, even writing a book about the assassination (I think Wyatt was impressed).

I thought it very sweet that the gal Rufus likes tells Lucy she will help her find out about her sister. She just needs information about her family, dates and names. Something happened on the Hindenburg the day the trio went back that altered her parents’ life.

Off they go to 1965. When they arrive they see fireworks, but why? Lucy smiles and says, “It’s because the Civil War just ended. They’re celebrating.” Wow. I do feel a nostalgia watching this show, even though there have only been two episodes and the time machines are a little silly looking.

Once there, Rufus sees in person the perils of African Americans in the 1800s. He meets some soldiers (the first black soldiers allowed in the army, thanks to Lincoln) and introduces himself as Denzel Washington. Ha ha, that was funny.

Nicolas (a black soldier) wants help from Rufus (an educated black man) to help write the names of his family so he can start looking for them – he has a wife and four children. Rufus is taken aback. Families were taken from each other and sold. It was hitting him hard – the plight of slaves – no education, families being torn apart, forced into slavery. Heavy…

Lucy figures out that Flynn is there for a bigger purpose. She says that the assassination was part of a bigger conspiracy, that four prominent figures were suppose to be killed that day – President Lincoln, VP Johnson, General U. Grant and Secretary of State Seward. Flynn is there to make it happen – it would change the entire outcome of the war. The south would rise again, and history would be altered in epic proportions. Yikes.

Lucy made me nervous when she went to check Booth’s mail at the theater, although she met the dashing (and I mean dashing) Robert Todd Lincoln. Ironically, Booth appears and Robert introduces her to him (Booth). She was visibly shaken, wouldn’t you be? The assassin of President Lincoln. By the way, her posing as an actress was a perfect disguise, don’t you think so? I love the costumes, although I’m glad we have jeans now!

TIMELESS -- "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln" Episode 101 -- Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)
TIMELESS — “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” Episode 101 — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Later, R. T. Lincoln (that could be a rappers name, right?), invites her to the play – very convenient for her, for her job is to save General Grant. She accepts, but is upset – knowing that soon President Lincoln will be assassinated.

Wyatt is shot by Flynn as they look for Booth’s conspirators meeting house. Luckily, Rufus is able to take the bullet out. Lucy assigns Wyatt and Rufus to save Johnson and Seward. They both get on her about saving Lincoln. Rufus is now very bothered that she won’t save the President. He reminds her how bad it will be for the slaves after Lincoln is assassinated. Wyatt also wants his wife back. They want to alter history, but Lucy tells them she can’t do it, it could be a catastrophic outcome for America. She does feel conflicted, but her conscience won’t let her act.

At the theater, Robert Todd Lincoln introduces her to the President. She is overcome with emotion. She figures out how to save Grant, although not going exactly how she planned, and distracts Booth, but Flynn enters and kills Lincoln. Really? Blood splatters all over Lucy. Flynn jumps off the balcony, just like Booth did and runs away.

The gang meets up and gets back to the time machine. Lucy is traumatized and Wyatt sees it. She tells them she changed her mind and was going to intervene, but it was too late. She cries and Wyatt takes her hand tenderly to comfort her. It was sweet.

They arrive back at Mason Industries and see that history has changed again. Agent Christopher reminds them that they thwarted Flynn from killing all four targets and says, “Flynn didn’t destroy America or the World. Take the win.” There is truth to that, but they are all shaken.

Wyatt gets treated for his wound, but has nobody to pick him up, so calls a cab. You can tell he is thinking about his wife.

Connor blackmails Mason to stay on track recording Wyatt and Lucy – reminding Rufus who took him out of poverty, bought his mom a house, educated him and gave him a job … yep, blackmail. Rufus is not happy. He likes Wyatt and Lucy.

Lucy is told by the girl helping her (what the heck is her name – my bad) that she knows why she lost Amy. Her mom and dad (Henry) never married, Henry is not Lucy’s dad. This going back and forth through time is confusing.  I need a time board, family tree poster and a calculator!

In the last scene, Lucy returns home to her “engagement” party – OMG. She is surprised! She tells her mom that she wants the truth about her dad. Mom is upset. “Are you serious right now? You bring this up today of all days? I need a drink.” Oh, okay, mom has a story to tell and we will hopefully hear it soon. Poor Lucy.

The last surprise is that Lucy meets her fiance! Okay, that’s weird. He comes up from behind and she turns around. He gives her a kiss and she smiles an uncomfortable smile – although he is a handsome man. Hum.

Lincoln Trivia:

Lincoln was a champion wrestler – won 299 matches out of 300.

I had forgotten or didn’t know that all four figures were supposed to be assassinated that day.

Lincoln’s bodyguard was at a bar next to the theater while Lincoln was attending the play.

Side Notes:

I am trying to figure out who/what Rittenhouse is. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It was interesting that Flynn confronted Lucy and told her that she would be helping him in the future. What? He told her that he is trying to save America, not hurt it. She doesn’t believe him. He wants her to stay out of his way when they go back in time … of course, she won’t.

I want Wyatt and Lucy’s relationship to grow – in a romantic way. What do you guys think? Do you want them to hook-up down the road? I do! She needs to get rid of the fiance somehow, though.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think “Timeless” is fun? Do you like history? Do you like how the storylines are linking the present with the past? I think it’s fun. It may have its weaknesses, but I like the historical aspect, the characters (love Abigail Spencer) and the thought of a time machine – although that is also scary!






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