Hyundai has a commercial airing on TV for the remote start feature on their Elantra – starring bears. It’s never a good sign when you have to play the commercial back several times to figure out what they’re saying.

The premise is that a couple’s camping trip gets cut short after two large bears run after them in the woods. Thanks to the Hyundai Elantra’s remote-start feature — triggered by a vocal command — they narrowly escape with their lives and speed off.


The first part of the commercial is pretty straightforward. One bear asks, “Did he just talk-start that car?”

The second bear says, “I just wanted to hug him.”

The first bear admits, “I was gonna eat him.”

Ok, here’s where the conversation gets lost. We kept thinking that the second bear says something like, “Eh, it’s macheato and something something something.”

In reality, he’s saying, “Eh, it’s my cheat day so I’ll just eat around it.”

First of all, that makes no sense. If the bear is a vegan, which I’m guessing is what they’re going for, you can’t just eat around a human. You’d be eating grass or trees or something, right? And the whole thing’s got the vegan people pretty steamed.

And second, if three people have to play the commercial back several times, and then go look it up on the Internet because they can’t figure it out, the ad people need to either start over or hire a new production team.


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