Quackerz, Shout Factory

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Quackerz Family Movie from Shout Factory – New on DVD!

Quackerz, Shout Factory
Quackerz | Shout Factory Photo

It’s tough to find a good kids’ movie these days that hasn’t been done a gazillion times before. But Shout Factory is releasing a brand new family movie, Quackerz, that’s cute and fun and different.

Quackerz will be in select theaters on June 3, 2016, and will hit Video On Demand, Digital, DVD, and Blu-ray Combo Pack on June 14, 2016.


The CG-animated family movie blends a unique tale of unlikely heroes with comedy, action, heart and even some romance. And the voice cast is awesome and will probably be familiar to lots of kids – Robbie Daymond (Nickelodeon’s Get Blake!), Michael Gross (Family Ties), Enn Reitel (The Adventures of Tintin), Andrea Becker (Storage Wars: New York), Alanna Ubach (Legally Blonde), Bruce Nozick (The Last Ship), Jesse Corti (Beauty and the Beast, Frozen) and Jimmie Wood (The Wild Thornberrys).

Here’s the story: When the peaceful island of the Mandarin Ducks is mistakenly invaded by the Military Mallards, a conflict flares up between the Mandarin Emperor and the Mallard Commander. Longway, the Emperor’s son, and Erica, the daughter of the Mallard Commander, meet and before long, a friendship takes wing.

While their feathered fathers fight and “egg” each other on, the wicked Ms. Knout is con-duck-ting a scheme to destroy the sun. The kids will have to get all their ducks in a row to battle their foe … but waddle they do if her foul plan succeeds?

Yeah, we couldn’t resist the puns either. Here’s an exclusive clip – thanks for sending this along, Shout Factory!


Movie Running Time: 85 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG
Movie website: www.quackerzthemovie.com
Social media hashtag: #quackerzthemovie
Directed by: Victor Lakisov
Voice cast: Robbie Daymond, Michael Gross, Enn Reitel, Andrea Becker, Alanna Ubach, Bruce Nozick, Jesse Corti and Jimmie Wood

Check out the official trailer for Quackerz:



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