Netflix Releases ‘The Do-Over’ This Week Starring Adam Sandler, David Spade

Do-Over2In “The Do-Over,” Adam Sandler plays “Max” and David Spade plays “Charlie,” old friends tired of their mundane lives, who reunite at their 25th high school reunion for the ultimate mulligan: They decide to wipe the slate clean for a do-over.

After faking their deaths and assuming new identities, could their lives be better the second time around? The new original Netflix movie, released on Fri., May 27, 2016, also features Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Luis Guzman, Michael Chiklis, Sean Astin, Catherine Bell, Natasha Leggero, Nick Swardson, Torsten Voges, Renee Taylor, and Matt Wals.

Netflix is releasing the drama series, “Bloodline,” on Friday, too. “The Do-Over” could be a welcome remedy from all the intensity. Looks like there will be a lot of Netflix-watching this Memorial Day weekend!

Check out the trailer for “The Do-Over.” (It contains strong language and adult content.)


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