Nashville and Castle Cancelled? Say It Ain’t So!


I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for a couple of days now, but still can’t believe it! Nashville … cancelled?! Huh? What? It can’t be true!

In my humble opinion, Nashville is one of the best shows on ABC. It really is. The cast is exceptional, the drama very enticing (yes, this is television), and the outstanding singing and musical talent … I’m shocked.

It seems that TV is being taken over by countless reality shows – singing competitions, dancing competitions, cop shows, prison shows, talk shows, on and on. There isn’t anything wrong with them (I watch some of them), but Nashville is such a good prime time drama, and we get free concerts every week! I love that about the show … and country isn’t even my favorite genre of music.

I may be wrong, but ABC tends to pull shows too quickly – some not getting enough time to get a groove or audience. Maybe it’s just the ones I like. For example, Pan Am (loved the nostalgia) was pulled right when I was getting into it. Then Red Widow. That one didn’t even have a chance.

The latest cancellations include Blood and Oil, Agent Carter and Galavant. Nashville’s ratings were dropping (new writers on the way), but some networks change days and time-slots to try and capture new audiences. I wish ABC would have tried that.

Fellow Reel Life With Jane writer Melanie Votaw emailed with me while we were mourning Nashville’s cancellation, pondering whether another network might pick it up. “It doesn’t seem right for Netflix, but I hope another network picks it up,” she said. “Maybe the Country Music Channel needs to venture into making dramas…”

What do you think?


I’m both surprised and not surprised about the cancellation of Castle. Yes, I love the cast and love how funny Nathan Fillion is, but the stories were a little of the “same ole same ole.” There were a few here and there that were fun or thrilling in the past couple of years, but it lost its luster.

I love all of the main characters – Beckett, Castle, Ryan, Espo, Maggie and Alexis – but the show was starting to get a little dull. It had a great run and I enjoyed it over the years – EIGHT years! Thanks for all the memories, 12th Precinct! It was a fun ride, and I’ll always have fond memories of Rick Castle and his childlike personality that made for some fun. Love Stana Katic and hope we see her in something soon – that great hair!

What say you, Castle and Nashville fans? Do you think another network should pick up Nashville? Are you sad to see Castle go? Sound off in the comments below! 



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5 responses to “Nashville and Castle Cancelled? Say It Ain’t So!”

  1. John Schmidjell Avatar
    John Schmidjell

    I adore Nashville and I’m praying someone picks it up. Are they going to wrap it up or just leave us hanging?

    1. mvotaw Avatar

      Considering its cancellation after the season has been shot, there would be no opportunity to wrap things up. We would, as you say, be left hanging. It’s so annoying. I really want them to have at least one more season so that they can bring some closure to it. I also hope it gets picked up by a different network. Fingers crossed!

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        I wonder if Netflix would pick it up…

        1. Kimberly Strand Avatar
          Kimberly Strand

          I said that to Mel and she doesn’t think it’s a fit. I want it to be a fit! 🙂

    2. Kimberly Strand Avatar
      Kimberly Strand

      I sure hope they don’t leave us hanging. Connie Britton was on Late Night and it didn’t sound like they (cast) knew anything about the future of the show. I’m sad about it.

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