Sacha Baron Cohen, The Brothers Grimsby
Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong in The Brothers Grimsby

Sacha Baron Cohen‘s “The Brothers Grimsby” took in only $235,000 Thursday night from 1,937 locations, but it’s not from lack of trying on the part of the “Borat” star, who has turned up at screenings to promote his raunchy film.

Baron Cohen appeared in a cowboy hat and gaudy Western shirt Tuesday evening for a screening at the Regal Square Theater in Union Square. “This is the way we dress in London,” he told an audience member when they asked about his oddball outfit.

After the screening, Baron Cohen participated in a raucous Q&A, which began with him getting the mainly normal-looking crowd to sing along with him on the Ali G song, “Throw the Jew Down The Well.”

Sacha Baron Cohen Inciting Anti-Semitism in The Brothers Grimsby?

Baron Cohen, who is Jewish, takes no prisoners and conceded the Anti-Defamation League, while knowing he was being satiric, was inciting anti-Semitism. They asked him to lay off, but no dice. “The Brothers Grimsby” takes on the politically correct police on all counts.

Sacha Baron Cohen, The Brothers Grimsby
Sacha Baron Cohen talks The Brothers Grimsby | Paula Schwartz Photo

The spy spoof co-stars Mark Strong, who plays Sebastian, an MI5 James Bond-like operative. Baron Cohen plays Nobby, his dim-witted brother who’s fixated on soccer, his countless children and his zaftig lover (Rebel Wilson).

The cast also features Oscar nominees Gabourey Sidibe and Barkhad Abdi, along with Penelope Cruz and Baron Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher.

Baron Cohen said the premise of the film was, “What would happen if James Bond had a brother who would be the opposite of James Bond? James Bond is a ruthless killer and a complete loner, while Nobby is obsessed by family.”

Sacha Baron Cohen, The Brothers Grimsby
Sacha Baron Cohen talks The Brothers Grimsby | Paula Schwartz Photo

Plenty of Sacha Baron Cohen Gross-Out Humor in The Brothers Grimsby

“The Brothers Grimsby” includes plenty of requisite Baron Cohen gross-out humor. A scene in which Nobby and his brother hide from bad guys in an elephant’s vagina is something audiences might try but will probably never forget.

Donald Trump’s image is also in the film, and there’s a far-out scene where he’s infected with the virus and develops full-blown AIDS. (Poor Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe endures a similar dilemma.) Presumably, the presidential candidate doesn’t know yet. “Any Trump supporters here tonight?” Baron Cohen said, after someone asked if he was concerned about being sued.

Baron Cohen said his next film is called “Lesbian” and is based on a true story. “It’s about this Hong Kong billionaire whose daughter is going to marry a woman. He offers $65 million to any man who will turn his daughter. I’m going to play the father.”

Sacha Baron Cohen – ‘I Make Films I Want To See’

Although his movies have a political and social subtext, Baron Cohen said, “At the end of the day, what I’m really trying to do is make films I want to see. I get passionate. I fight for the gag because I want to hear you laugh. For whatever reason, it makes me very, very happy. That’s why I do it. That’s why I fight for it.”

Baron Cohen hung around after the screening for nearly an hour posing for selfies with delirious fans.

“How old are you?” he asked a young boy who wanted a photo. When the boy said 13, the “Borat” star replied, “Did you get traumatized tonight? You okay, yeah?”


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