Super Bowl Commercials - Heinz Wiener Dogs Stampede


Super Bowl Commercials are hitting the web, and Heinz Wiener Dogs Stampede is already winning the Internet. Wiener dogs! In costume!

The Super Bowl commercial opens with an adorable dachshund running through an open, grassy field. And then, the adorable pup is joined by a stampede of even more wiener dogs! In fun hot dog costumes!

What could be better?!


We soon learn that the pups are running towards a family of people wearing ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce costumes.

“It’s hard to resist great taste,” says the announcer, as the dogs leap into their owners’ arms. “Meet the Ketchups.”

Super Bowl Commercials: Heinz Wiener Dogs Stampede
Super Bowl Commercials: Heinz Wiener Dogs Stampede

It’s a lovely sight to see wiener dogs connect with their favorite condiment, isn’t it?

It’s also lovely that we don’t even have to wait for the actual Super Bowl 50 game to watch all the awesome commercials!

But I have a few questions.


How did they get all the dogs to run in the same direction with such glee? Maybe like everything else these days, it’s computer magic.

Do the dogs have any inkling that things might not work out in their favor?

Does this make you want to find the nearest hot dog and eat it?

What’s your favorite Heinz condiment?

If you click over to their website, you’ll see that there are SO MANY varieties! I’m guessing way more than 57 (get it? Heinz 57?). There’s, of course, the basic Heinz Ketchup, but also ketchup blended with sriracha flavor (that sounds yummy), hot & spicy ketchup, yellow mustard (I like my wiener dogs with mustard), ketchup blended with caramelized onion & bacon (what?!), ketchup blended with balsamic vinegar, ketchup blended with real jalapeno, and on and on. They even have no-salt, reduced sugar, and organic options.

I swear this is not a sponsored post! But really, this is how to keep a company going year after year – offer the customers what they want.

Anyhoo, leave thoughts about this super cute Super Bowl commercial in the comments below.


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  1. Zelda A. Avatar

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