Top Benefits of Using Streaming Services

Movie lovers tend to enjoy an outing to the cinema where they can see things on the big screen with surround sound and fresh popcorn, while fans of TV series often enjoy the build up of waiting for a new episode to air on live television each week. However, in this technologically-driven day and age, there’s a lot to be said for the many benefits of streaming services, too.

streaming_1More and more streaming options are currently popping up around the world that allow consumers to stream the latest TV shows and films directly to their computer or TV screen for comfort, ease and cost savings. In fact, this type of viewing has become so popular that more people tend to watch entertainment via an Internet service than by tuning in to live TV shows. If you haven’t jumped on the streaming bandwagon yet, now is the time to consider it. Read on for some of the top benefits of subscribing to a streaming provider today.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of streaming services is that they are usually much cheaper than cable and significantly more cost effective than paying to go to the cinema. Indeed, while signing up to expensive cable packages can add to your debt, streaming services range from free to low-fee options that won’t put a strain on your wallet. The competition between providers also means that rates will stay low, while content offerings continually expand.

streaming_2With streaming services, you can also start off small (with many packages available for less than $10 per month), and increase services if and when you need them. Many organizations even offer a free trial month so that users can test out the service for 30 days for free, without having to commit first.

Packages can also be cancelled or altered without costs being incurred in most cases. In comparison, many cable companies lock you in to more expensive packages and charge early-termination fees if you decide you want to “cut the cord” before your contract is up.


Another handy advantage of streaming services is that they are much more flexible than cable. For starters, when you subscribe to a streaming package, you can download and watch content from across the globe, rather than being stuck with limited choices from your local cable provider. With online TV streaming, you can watch anything from the latest news and movies, to sports broadcasts, reality TV shows, and more.

Similarly, you can also stream movies and television series to whichever device you like — whether desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone — and watch content on the go. Enjoy your favorite shows while away on holidays, at work (don’t tell the boss!), on public transport, or anywhere else you like. The same cannot be said for cable packages or cinema seats.

As well, sign up to a streaming service and you can enjoy content on demand. This means you don’t have to wait for new episodes of your favorite shows to be launched on cable, but can rather download what you want, when you want. If you discover a new television series that you quickly become addicted to, you don’t have to wait and watch just one episode each week, but can binge-watch it all at once.

Different Viewing Experiences

Many streaming services also work in a way that provides customers with a whole different viewing experience to what was once the norm. For starters, there is the removal of advertising, a plus in most viewers’ eyes and a time saver.

streaming_3There is also the personalization provided by many companies. Check out the variety of streaming firms in the market these days and you’ll find that quite a few of them work to make viewing easier and more pleasurable for their customers.

For example, many let viewers subscribe to their favorite shows so that they are notified when new episodes become available, as well as allow users to read ratings on shows and movies, and find out about recommended content based on their current preferences.

Creative Content

The other benefit of online streaming is that content producers now have more flexibility when they put together new shows. Rather than having to worry about having mid-season cliff-hangers or adhering to other standard television formats, they can enjoy the fact that many series are downloaded as a whole, rather than played week by week.

Similarly, particular demographics, language settings and other restrictions don’t need to be worried about when content is shown via streaming services rather than in set time slots on TV. This freedom results in more creative content that can appeal to a wider audience.







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  1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar

    Online streaming has become very popular now and several users have disconnected their cable. The advantages you have mentioned are the main reasons. I Will appreciate if you can recommend the free streaming sites, I have wrote about in my post.

    Anyway nice work with the article.

  2. Shelly Avatar

    If I could get BRAVO, VH1, and Discovery online and my husband could get the NFL games online, I’d cancel my satellite service. I can see one day when this will happen.

  3. Scott Avatar

    I like that you point out that one of the biggest benefit of streaming services is that it is a lot cheaper than other services. I can see why this would be a big reason to have it instead of other ways of watching things. I’ll definitely have to talk with my wife about this.

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