Lady Gaga, Idris Elba, Mark Ruffalo & Other Golden Globe Nominees Thank the HFPA

Jennifer Jason Leigh of "The Hateful Eight" | Paula Schwartz Photo
Jennifer Jason Leigh of “The Hateful Eight” | Paula Schwartz Photo

Here are a few statements from the Golden Globes nominees; the nominations were announced early this morning. See the full list here, and Paula Schwartz’ thoughts on snubs and surprises here.

Paul Feig, whose “The Peanuts Movie” was nominated for Best Animated Feature.”The whole Peanuts team is doing the Snoopy happy dance right now over our Golden Globes nomination. We have no grief today, good or otherwise. Thank you, HFPA, for finally letting Charlie Brown kick the football.”

Carter Burwell, “Carol”: “I’m grateful the HFPA chose to recognize ‘Carol’ in so many categories, including music. In making ‘Carol,’ a large number of artists worked with self-effacing restraint, and yet I believe created a film that’s grand and stirring.  Thank you for acknowledging that work.  It means a lot.”

Todd Haynes, on receiving his Golden Globe nomination for Best Director – Motion Score, “Carol”: “I’m thrilled to be in the company of this incredible group of directors, and so honored that the Hollywood Foreign Press has recognized the creative collaboration that is ‘Carol’ from Carter’s score, to our relentless producers, to the stunning talents of Cate and Rooney.”

Jennifer Jason Leigh: “Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing two projects that mean so much to me. Getting an acting nomination for my role as Daisy in ‘The Hateful Eight’ is a testament to the great Quentin Tarantino and would not have been possible without the cast (especially the one I was handcuffed to, Kurt Russell). “Anomalisa” is a project so close to my heart, and Charlie and Duke’s film is mind-blowing.  I’m so happy people are loving it as much as I do. I never get such great news while making my son’s lunch in the morning!”

Lady Gaga: “Thank you to the HFPA for this nomination, and to the talented cast, crew, and creators of ‘American Horror Story.’ I am too excited for words at this recognition for my work! I dreamed endlessly of being in television & film. This is a real honor for a waitress/singer/actress from New York!”

Idris Elba: “Wow, thank you to the HFPA, who have always been so amazingly supportive of me throughout my career. I’m so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both ‘Luther’ and ‘Beasts of No Nation.’ For ‘Luther,’ what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement. As for ‘Beasts,’ I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah. I share in this exciting moment with everyone who poured their hearts into these projects and for who I could not have done this without.”

Queen Latifah: “Thank you to the HFPA who have always been so supportive of all of my projects. This film is such a special one to me, and I am thrilled to be recognized for my work as ‘Bessie.’”

David O’Russell: “I am grateful to the  HFPA for recognizing “Joy” and the picture’s leading light, Jennifer, who has taken new risks across the lifespan story of this picture that can spread inspiration to everyone who has a dream that might have been forgotten. And I’m grateful to all our remarkable cast who made this story of the ordinary becoming extraordinary in life, come true.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “As I am recovering from foot surgery, you could call this morning the agony and the ecstasy. Thrilled to represent for the crew, the #SQsquad of talented youngins and our writers Ryan, Brad and Ian. This has been a wonderful creative year and this a nice way to keep it going!”

Gina Rodriguez: “Today two fantastic things happened. My work on ‘Jane’ was recognized and celebrated by some of my favorite people for a second year. And my student loans from the university that taught me to act were paid off. Education works, how serendipitous.”

Ennio Morricone: “I am deeply honored and grateful to receive this nomination on the eve of the European premiere of ‘The Hateful Eight’ here in London. I thank Quentin Tarantino for his trust and the total freedom he has given me conducting this score.”

Posted to Facebook:

Amy Schumer: “Me with my first globe predicting this moment. #tbt Holy hell! Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press!! This is a dream.”

Mark Ruffalo: “Infinitely Happy about ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ Golden Globes nomination. Didn’t see that coming at all. No campaign, no schmooze, no ads. Just the HFPA remembering it all these months later. It’s a very special kind of honor, one that I will never forget. Thanks, HFPA, for allowing this little gem of a movie to shine on its own through the din and glare. Also very grateful for all the acknowledgment ‘Spotlight’ is getting, another little gem that has shown through. So proud to be part of both films. So proud to be nominated as a cast as an honest ensemble. What we did in that movie is rare, we all went deep to serve the film and shine as a whole. The best group of actors led by the amazing Tom McCarthy. Thanks.”

Viola Davis: “Once again can’t express how truly honored and humbled I am for the nominations. Thank you Screen Actors Guild Awards, NAACP Image Awards and Golden Globes!”

Patrick Stewart: “Dear #HFPA, I am so overjoyed by my Golden Globes nomination I decided to coordinate my look today. #aquasocks #GoldenGlobes”

Rob Lowe: “Could not be more proud and honored to be nominated for a #GoldenGlobes award for #TheGrinder. It’s a great part, on a great show. #happy”


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