HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Lionsgate’s ‘A Horse Tale’ – On DVD & Digital Nov. 17, 2015!

A Horse TaleThere are so few movies that truly qualify as “family movies,” so it’s always a thrill when one comes along. “A Horse Tale,” from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, arrives on DVD and Digital Nov. 17, 2015, and it’s a heartwarming movie the whole family can watch.


“A Horse Tale” stars Charisma Carpenter (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – love her!) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed on “Days of Our Lives”) alongside Dominique Swain and Mandalynn Carlson. It’s a heartwarming story about one family’s determination to save their farm in time for Christmas.

“A Horse Tale” promotes the importance of working together as a family, which is why the Dove Foundation approved it for all ages. I know they don’t give out those approvals willy-nilly, so that says something about the quality of the movie.

Muldoon plays Michael Thompson, an uptight city accountant who’s struggling to raise his teenage daughter Chloe (Carlson) all on his own. So when he gets a call from Cliff Harrison (Rick Herod) to help save their family stables before ruthless bank managers shut them down, he wonders if the country life is just what they need to start over.

Michael takes the job, even though he quickly finds out that Cliff’s daughter (Carpenter) is not as keen as the rest of the family for his help. But as they search for ways to save the family’s legacy, they find a future that they never expected.

Special Features include Award-Winning Minuscule Bonus Episodes. Check out the trailer:


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