‘Legends’ Starring Sean Bean Returns to TNT Nov. 2

Sean Bean in "Legends" on TNT
Sean Bean in “Legends” on TNT

This fall, TNT’s spy thriller, “Legends,” is back with 10 new episodes, but apparently, it’s all reimagined with a new supporting cast to back up Sean Bean. Now, it also stars Winter Ave Zoli, Steve Kazee, Aisling Franciosi, Kelly Overton, Klara Issova, Ralph Brown, and Morris Chestnut.

It was shot on location in Prague, London, and other European locations, and the new season begins on TNT Mon., Nov. 2 at 10pm both ET and PT.

Morris Chestnut
Morris Chestnut

As season 2 opens, Martin Odum (Bean) is hunting for his true identity while on the run for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s had many undercover personas – legends – but which one is he really? FBI Agent Martin Odum? Wounded Iraq vet John Cameron? Or Russian gangster Dmitry Petrovich? Maybe he’s not really any of those people. His search for answers takes him across Europe, as he discovers his past holds dark and violent secrets he may wish he never uncovered.

Bean appeared at New York Comic Con this past weekend and talked about the challenges of shooting the new season. “Speaking Russian is quite difficult. I spent a lot of time in Crimea, so I was quite familiar with the accent, but not so much the speaking Russian, because … that’s hard,” he said.

Executive producer Ken Biller said, “I approached it more as a novel. I thought it would be interesting to show these different characters – not just Sean’s character, but all of the characters – at different points in their lives. I think what’s interesting is to watch that evolution. The show asks the question, ‘Who are all of these people and how are they different from the person they put out there in the world?’”

Biller then added, “If you keep watching and go all the way to episode 10, you will learn who Martin Odum is.” Plus, according to Bean, “Morris Chestnut takes his top off.”

Who out there is watching “Legends”?


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  1. Candice Avatar

    Sean Bean survived the 1st season? Well then, I definitely have to watch this show.

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