Exclusive Clip: ‘Lucky Dog’ on iTunes and VOD Today

Lucky Dog“Lucky Dog” is a cute, live-action family movie hitting iTunes and VOD today.

Lucky’s human, Travis (Bryce Johnson, “Pretty Little Liars”), is a divorced father of two, dedicated to raising his kids, working at his architectural job, and most of all, spending time with his dog and best friend, Lucky (voiced by David Deluise).

This little family seems to have it all until Travis starts dating a fellow architect named Amber (Boti Bliss, “CSI: Miami”). While Lucky normally chases away any woman Travis dates, this time is different, because Lucky is blindsided by puppy love for Amber’s dog, Amy (voiced by “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Cat Deely).

Lucky decides that these girls are A-Ok, but things get interesting when Travis and Amber compete in a design contest, and Amber starts to fall for the charms of seemingly wealthy client. It’s up to Lucky and Amy to get their families under one roof!

Directed, written and produced by Michael Feifer, this movie also stars Grant Bowler and Lara Flynn Boyle. Check out the clip below, in which we learn that dogs actually DO play poker outside of those velveteen paintings.



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  1. Lee Coltman Avatar


    Thanks for sharing this, my 4 year old daughter goes made for dog movies. She is just scatty for dogs, are little pooch is so spoilt rotten by her we have to be careful she doesn’t feed it her Kinder egg chocolate.

    Thanks again.

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