Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Your Number’s Off on the Five Families

You know what, GH? I was feeling a little antsy in the first half of this week. While lots of things have happened lately on the show, it all seemed to me to be OLD. This election fraud happened a year ago, and we can’t be done with it yet. Duke was killed months ago, and we’re still agonizing over that and Anna shooting Carlos. And don’t get me started on Jake/Jason, which has now passed the year mark. Everything is lingering.

Nothing ever seems to truly end anymore. I’m just hankering for something fresh and new.  Even Paul showing up and orchestrating Sonny’s shooting is so, so boring. How many times are we going to relive this storyline? The Jerome mob is possibly the weakest in the world, since there is always someone snatching it up and making it provide a front.

Every time I see the giant blue Buddha in Ava’s apartment, I have to laugh. It’s just so out of character for her. I have been enjoying seeing Ava as a character with two sides. She’s evil and misguided sometimes, but she’s also a victim and a woman who just desperately wants to be with her child.  She bluffed her way through the five families meeting, telling them Carlos shot Sonny and negotiating a ceasefire. She was very rude to Michael, which was a little annoying.

I’d like to understand how this is the five families, though, if there is the Italian mob, the Asian mob, the 5 points mob (whatever that is), the Jeromes, the Corinthos family and then there was the Russian mob headed by the guy Serge who got whacked. That’s six families, GH.

Julian and Ava agreed that he would move out since Ava is now mobbed up and he’s completely out. Where are you going to go, Julian? Last I heard, you couldn’t live with Alexis since Molly hates your guts. Looks like that cabin in the woods might come into use. Ava finally has Avery back and apparently bought every stuffed animal known to man. She’s still under Paul’s thumb, though, so her path will not be smooth.

Sloan flipped out and told Paul that Anna killed Carlos and gave him the evidence. Paul thanked him by killing him. So now Paul’s got something on Anna and that spells trouble for her. Sloan is now silenced when it comes to the election tampering which, apparently, Paul also had a hand in. Anna has asked Sam to help her find out who killed Sonny since she knows it was not Carlos, as everyone believes. There is no end in sight to this storyline.

To torture us, this week Sam and Jake both showed up at Noodle Buddha on Sam and Jason’s anniversary. Robert, the guy who married them, was there and so was his now blind grandmother, who instantly knew Jake was Jason and insisted they renew the blessing on their marriage. Is she the 30th person to identify Jake as Jason?  I just wanted to shake Jake at that point – how can you not remember?!

Somehow, this suddenly freed Sam, who felt she could now accept Patrick’s proposal. She said yes and he gifted her with a ring pop. Sam has a thing for guys without rings. Didn’t Jason give her a bolt or something first? Hold that happiness  – Laura has just shown up at their door, and she knows the secret about Jake/Jason.

Sonny and Carly attempted to tie the knot in the hospital as a way to protect their rights to Avery, but Sonny had a seizure from a brain embolism. The news is not good for Sonny, and we are all on pins and needles to find out if he will recover. It has been nice to see all the Corinthos boys with Carly at the hospital – but where is Kristina? And why has Lucas not checked in with his sister Carly as she is going through this? He’s a doctor in that hospital and he can’t just pop in? And what ever happened with the whole thing with Brad and Rosalie with Lucas? Hello? Are you there, GH?

Carly and Sonny attempt to tie the knot in the hospital | ABC Photo
Carly and Sonny attempt to tie the knot in the hospital | ABC Photo

Nikolas and Hayden had a date and went out for ribs and it became clear they are developing feelings for each other. Somehow Hayden has become a nice person, helping Spencer with his homework, and this has softened Nikolas’s heart. Neither one trusts the other and believes there are lies. Duh.

Dillon and Maxie finally started filming his movie, and of course he is playing himself. He slipped and told her he has feelings for Lulu. So Maxie knows Dillon has feelings for Lulu and Nathan knows Valerie has feelings for Dante. So far, they’re keeping their secrets to themselves, but Maxie is one resourceful girl and I know she’ll get it out of Nathan. (I loved their banter about the “sock” by the way.)

Meanwhile, Valerie and Dillon have shared their secrets with each other, and the film student making a project about Dillon’s movie has conveniently left his camera on set, recording the whole exchange. Blackmail? Or will someone see this by mistake? Should be interesting. Valerie was wearing an ambiguously loose shirt, causing me to wonder some more if she is pregnant.

Just as I was sure Kiki had disappeared into the ether, Nina and Franco went to check on her. She’s trying to sell Silas’s apartment and lied about having a job when she is drinking her life away. Franco knows something is up. He and Nina have decided to live together. I’m predicting they buy Silas’s place and have Kiki live with them. I kind of love Franco as played by Roger Howarth. Actually I think I just love Roger Howarth because I loved Todd, too.

Wardrobe pick: I liked Anna’s gray skirt with the black lace trim at the bottom. I’m also thumbs up on Sam’s silver shaped earrings at the proposal and Maxie’s necklaces at the Floating Rib. Nina had fierce shoes on when visiting Kiki, even though I suspect she had nothing on under that white trench coat. I liked Morgan’s two-toned hoodie. I got a kick out of all of Maxie’s lingerie choices and was a little shocked they showed her in pasties! I was not a fan of the sleeveless maternity top Hayden wore to the Floating Rib. Did Lulu not get the memo that the white puffy shirt went out with Seinfeld?

So where do we go from here, GH? Is Laura going to blow the Jake secret out of the water even though Elizabeth had her convinced not to? Will Sam and Patrick get married before Jake and Elizabeth’s wedding (there are whispers that Jason Thompson may be leaving the show – maybe after Sam finally sees who Jake is?)? What’s in store for Sonny? How soon before Dante and Lulu have to face what’s going on with Dillon and Valerie? Let’s keep things rolling, GH. Some of what’s happening is fun, and I’m hoping it will just build.



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3 responses to “Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Your Number’s Off on the Five Families”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I love Roger Howarth, too. Wasn’t there a rape storyline with him on OLTL? Something similar to the Luke and Laura rape? Or did he get thrown under the bus for someone else?

  2. Brette Sember Avatar

    I never watched that show so don’t really know. Interesting if true.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Ok – I had to go look it up. His “One Life to Live” character Todd Manning raped Marty Saybrooke on the show. And things got even creepier. According to his Wikipedia Page:

      “Subsequent attempts to rehabilitate the rapist character of Todd, however, unnerved Howarth. After a female fan shouted “Rape me, Todd!” at a public appearance, his ambivalence about the role deepened. After attempts were made to pair Todd and the woman he raped, Marty Saybrooke, as a romantic couple, Howarth quit the show in 1995. He subsequently returned, but Todd was portrayed even more as a villain than a hero. His character’s pairing with Kassie DePaiva’s Blair Cramer won over fans and the two later became a supercouple.”

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