Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Don’t Fire Nancy Lee Grahn

My, my, how things can change in a week, GH. We’ve got Sonny recovering from surgery with everyone still hovering. Morgan was about to kill Julian because he believed Julian was responsible for shooting Sonny, but Michael got there just in time to talk him down (what happened to Milo? He was suddenly with Michael, then not. Michael could have used some backup). Julian is safe, but not for long. Morgan is still a hot head, so no news there.

Paul Hornsby is the new villain in town. Paul has been working for months to take over Sonny’s territory, we now know. He is responsible for the shooting. And he now has the flash drive with Ava’s confession to killing Connie, so he’s manipulating Ava to work for him. If she doesn’t, he will prosecute her for that murder (because, oh yeah, he’s the new DA – Ric got the boot).

So Paul has sent Ava to a meeting of the five families (conveniently taking place in Sonny’s old restaurant) to tell them Julian did it. Ava’s not thrilled but is covering her own butt. At the same time, she has promised Julian she would help him figure out who is framing him. Oops, that’s a tight corner. I don’t understand why Ava doesn’t come clean to Julian so they can work together to take Paul down.

Ava meets with the five families on "General Hospital"
Ava meets with the five families on “General Hospital”

I love these meetings of the five families. They totally crack me up. First of all, what mobsters use a mediator? What is this, a union dispute? And I just love their names and gangs. We’ve got cranky in the corner from the Five Points Gang or something equally backyard sounding, duck lips next to him from the Asian Triad, and a guy actually named Columbo from the Italian mob. At least they didn’t have a black guy heading up an inner city gang to complete the profiling.

There’s a surprise face at that table, though. Ric found out about the meeting and was ready to go, but Michael stepped in and said he would go. He introduced himself as Michael Corinthos, III (buh-bye Michael Quartermaine) and wore the requisite dark shirt and suit so everyone would know for sure he was a serious mob guy. I’m guessing Michael is going to get deeper and deeper into the mob as time goes by. What happens to his big plans for the A.J. Quartermaine clinic then? Chad Duell has been really doing a fantastic job with this character lately.

A custody battle over Avery is in the works. Ava has obtained a court order allowing her to spend time with Avery. Sonny and Carly intend to block it. This one could get messy, GH. It was kind of fun to see Morgan mediating between Ava and Carly as they were about to duke it out.

Marriage proposals were flying this week. Elizabeth suddenly wanted Jake to marry her on what was Sam and Jason’s anniversary (I don’t think she knew, but that was never made clear really). Jake said it didn’t “feel right” and set a date during November sweeps.

Save the Date! Elizabeth and Jake set a wedding date
Save the Date! Elizabeth and Jake set a wedding date

Patrick also proposed to Sam, who felt she couldn’t say yes on her anniversary with Jason. She took off with her little plastic statues to Noodle Buddha, where they got married, to ponder it. Jake happened to wander in to get some take out and they had a heart to heart. Sam confessed she still believed Jason was alive. I’m yawning here, GH, because we all know there isn’t going to be a reveal until the wedding. I’m also feeling very fatigued at realizing it has been a full YEAR of the Jason/Jake identity shenanigans, and I’m so done.

Maxie and Dillon continued to bond as they rehearsed and had a heart to heart about absentee dads. These two are cute together and have a natural, relaxed chemistry I like a lot. Maxie also encouraged Tracy to go for it with Paul. I’d love to see this movie story line move forward. I’m tired of murder and mobs.

Patrick broke out the guitar Sam gave him for his birthday, either the first step towards Dr. Drake developing a little Eddie Maine-type sideline as a musician or actor Jason Thompson trying to build a solo career.

The off-camera news of the week is that Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) stuck her foot in her mouth on Twitter when she was commenting on the Daytime Emmys and Viola Davis’s win. She criticized Viola’s speech, which referenced discrimination, saying the Emmys are not the place for that and she doubted Viola had ever been discriminated against.

Doh. It was ugly, making Variety and everything. She apologized, of course. Rumors are flying about whether this will impact her GH job. As a viewer, I really don’t care what actors do in their off-camera time (ok, sometimes I’m nosy, but mostly I feel like saying something non-PC shouldn’t get you fired), so color me uninterested.

Wardrobe pick of the week is Ava’s red dress, but I did not like the snakeskin belt. Or the giant red earrings. Sam somehow had on a pair of mom jeans that scared me since she always is in Flashdance wear. And I got a chuckle at seeing that Sam’s sleepwear is just as Flashdance as her day wear.

Next week I’m looking forward to seeing how Ava is going to tap dance to try to save herself and her brother. Maybe Jake will shave. He doesn’t seem to have a job, so I think he has time.

Will Sabrina become concerned that Michael is wading into the mob? Word is both Diane and Spinelli are coming back to town soon, so I look forward to that very much since they are two of my favorites and always lighten things up immeasurably.



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