Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Sonny’s Bipolar Talk to Morgan Was Moving

Franco puts Ric in the hot seat | ABC
Franco puts Ric in the hot seat | ABC

Things are definitely picking up, GH, after kind of a boring slump. We’re getting closer to finding out who killed Silas, and it’s now looking like Madeline did the deed. Ric was arrested but released, with some mention of not letting anyone know what they were really doing. Then Ric confronts Madeline with a paper she got Silas to sign to help her get Nina’s money.

The week ended with a flashback of Madeline visiting Silas, presumably the day he was killed. Boy, that guy’s apartment was just hopping that day, it seems! It’ll be good to get this mess wrapped up since there are currently three people in jail for the crime, none of whom actually did it.

My favorite storyline of the week is Dillon’s movie. Dillon is short a leading lady and a costume designer and is pulling Lulu and Maxie in for those roles. If Lulu plays his lost love, there are sure to be sparks. And if Maxie steps in, that could also be quite fun. We don’t know who is actually playing Dillon, though – is he playing himself? No matter what, this is fun and light and something completely new and I’m enjoying it, so thanks for that, GH.

There have been two comments made so far about how Dillon has become “fit” – kind of a nasty reference to the old actor in the role who was plumper. Not cool. GH writers also made a giant goof this week when they had Maxie say Dillon didn’t come home for Georgie’s funeral. He most certainly did come home, and Twitter blew up with fans angrily shouting about this huge, embarrassing mistake.

Carly and Sonny confronted Morgan about possibly being bipolar. That went as well as could be expected with Morgan denying it. Sonny’s description of what being bipolar is like was so moving and real (since Maurice Benard is actually bipolar, that is no surprise). Morgan’s world is about to come crashing down, though, because Kiki was told by Franco that he and Ava were sleeping together.  We can expect a full meltdown and a visit to Shadybrook in his future. Good thing – we can’t let that set go to waste!

Franco and Nina are jail buddies, sharing juice boxes and cooing at each other across the cellblock. They are sort of cute together and I find Nina’s constant almost-craziness to be entertaining. Franco has gotten Nina to realize Ric was setting her up, making her think she was crazy. Franco is likely to be off the hook for the murder except for his confession (to protect Nina). Liesl was smart enough to get the DNA evidence that proved Denise is Ava and provide it to Ric. And Nina will also likely be freed and maybe she will get her money back and she and Franco can be fun and crazy together. It will be interesting to see where that goes.

Ava is in jail for Franco’s murder, but also for Connie’s. She is still trying to get someone to steal the recording of the murder so she can get off. I am perplexed by this. Ava is savvy enough to keep the photo of Nina at the Silas crime scene in the cloud, but she does not think perhaps the DA’s office might do the same with a recording? Who keeps just one recording of a murder confession? Evidence is locked up and digital evidence is backed up. Who knows, though, since apparently the police department’s technology budget is questionable: I’ve noticed Dante only has a computer on his desk when he is actually using it. The PD also doesn’t even have money for toilets in the jail cells, so I assume the prisoners all have buckets.

Tracy and Paul had dinner together as friends, which is kind of sweet, but I have a feeling Paul is definitely up to something. He’s got no real reason to be hanging around, so it’s likely something will emerge. That’s good because I love Tracy and want to see more of her.

Nice joke, GH, tricking us into thinking Valerie is pregnant. I still think it could be true, so I’m not laughing yet!

Sam and Alexis had a nice moment this week. I love how close they are. I wish there were more relationships like that. We’ve recently had all these weird “best friend” declarations between people who never see each other. Jake proclaimed Carly was his BFF. I don’t even know if he’s coming to the wedding and they never see each other. And Elizabeth and Patrick are BFFs even though they only see each other at the hospital while working, it seems. Nobody on this show other than Maxie and Lulu are actual BFFs who do things together or actually talk. It’s pretty ridiculous. There seems to be a lack of depth of relationships that makes the show feel flimsy and shallow.

It would be nice to see the Jake/Liz and Patrick/Sam storylines move along. We all know they’re all getting married (Elizabeth is now pressuring Patrick to propose to Sam) and THEN somehow Jason will be revealed and he and Sam will get back together. That’s my prediction at least. I’m tired of waiting for this one.

We have no resolution to the Sonny/Julian conflict, but it’s looking like someone is setting it up to look as if Julian stole the shipments. If only Julian and Sonny could put their heads together on this one…

No news this week on the Brad/Rosalie/Lucas storyline. I’d like to see what happens there, too.

September sweeps is coming, so maybe you can up your game for that, GH. I’m looking forward to Sonny and Carly’s wedding and hoping something doesn’t derail it. I also can’t wait to see Dillon’s movie being made on the Haunted Star. What’s happening with the AJQ clinic? Let’s get that rolling, too. Pick up the pace! Do something different and original to keep us loyal viewers watching!

Wardrobe faves of the week: Maxie’s cute floral dress and Tracy’s tassel necklace.



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