Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Why Does Lucky Keep Leaving?

Five times a charm? Carly and Sonny decide to get married ... again...
Five times a charm? Carly and Sonny decide to get married … again…

I was away on vacation for two weeks and quickly got caught up on the shows I missed. What a summer it is turning out to be, GH!

The best part, of course, is the storyline with Luke. He and Genie Francis are perfect together. We had a brief encounter with Ethan (“Dodge”). It was nice to see him, and I was happy his ponytail was nowhere in evidence. Holly also reappeared briefly, and she and Luke were always so fun together. The real clincher, though, was Lucky. Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson have such a special, deep relationship on screen that it gives me chills. I so enjoyed seeing Luke reunite with his Cowboy.

I’m annoyed with Lucky for not being able to stick around. This darkness he has inside is perplexing. Perhaps see a therapist instead of deserting your family? Just a thought. And Nikolas gave him the excuse to leave when he revealed Jake is Jason and will be the man of the house in his absence.

I was slightly disappointed in Luke’s encounter with Helena. It was interesting to see her admit affection for him and all their capers, but it’s kind of weird to see her essentially hanging it up.

Little Jake was alive all this time on Cassadine Island. I’m pretty sure they’ve got Hitler and Jesus stashed there, too, along with everyone else who has ever been thought dead in Port Charles. I’m happy Elizabeth has her son back, though. Aiden is suddenly on screen again, but Cameron is missing, which is weird. The question remains – if Jake is alive, who gave Josslyn the kidney? Here’s a sneak peek for the week of July 20.

Big Jake still doesn’t know who he is, but every five minutes he almost finds out. His memory starts to come back, Elizabeth starts to tell him, or Hayden is about to wake up and spill the beans. There’s so much suspense on this that it is no longer suspenseful and I’m tired of it.

Nikolas has taken over ELQ, but Tracy wants to unseat him by proving he blackmailed Brook Lynn for her shares. Will the corporate games ever end? And where is Rosalie? Nik sent her to recant her police statement and she never returned except for supposedly being on the phone with him once.

I totally loved Tracy when she refused to take Luke back even after he explained that he only pretended to dump her to save Lucky from kidnappers. Way to go, Tracy! But hopping in bed with Paul Hornsby? Ick.

Lulu and Dante’s marriage is in shambles since he thought she was cheating with Dillon when she was really off rescuing Lucky. Dante then slept with Valerie (so totally logical) but now that he knows Lulu didn’t cheat, he’s keeping his infidelity under wraps. I’m predicting Valerie is preggers and it will all come out.

Carly and Sonny are engaged again (wedding #5) and Carly’s all set to be Avery’s mom. Clearly, Denise/Ava is going to blow her stack at that. I love Sonny and Carly together, but we all know it probably won’t be happily ever after for them (although I would love just one couple to stay together, just one, is that too much to ask, GH?). The scene with them dancing was so sweet – too bad it was ruined with yet another mob hit. Is Julian behind it?

Speaking of Julian, the hotel role-playing scene with Alexis was fun, but the fun will end, Julian, if Alexis finds out you’re still a mobster. I’m pretty tired of the “I’m leaving the mob” story, which seems to play out about once every six months with one character or another on this show for years and years. Maybe try something else, GH?

Michael and Sabrina are now both unemployed since Michael was outed from ELQ and Michael gave Avery back to Sonny so no nanny job for Sabrina. Somehow in the span of a couple of days, Sabrina went and completed the very complex grant application process to have the hospital suddenly 100 percent fund the AJ Quartermaine Clinic so that she and Michael can have jobs.

The storyline that’s getting so little play but which I’m really interested in is Brad and Lucas. What is Brad’s big secret? There was discussion a long time ago about him being the son of a gangster but adopted out to another family. Let’s get this one going, GH, I’m interested! I really like these two together. Maybe they could move out of the closet they live in to a regular house or apartment some day, too.

Then we have crazy Nina. She’s married to Ric in an unconsummated marriage and has signed over control of her money to him. He’s trying to make her think she’s nuts so he can get the cash, and it’s working. Somehow, though, he is in cahoots with her mother Madeline, who made him sleep with her to be sure he wouldn’t double cross her. What kind of nonsense is that? I like Nina turning to Silas for support. That feels authentic, and they are great together when they are really connecting. Ric, as always, is devious and awful. I’m just waiting for Nina to notice Ric is always holding his phone when she hears the baby crying.

Franco and Denise/Ava is ridiculous, and I still don’t quite know why Ava would tell Franco who she really is. Why give him something to use against you? She’s convinced him to steal the police evidence that would convict her, and if he succeeds somehow, she thinks she can reveal herself without consequences. She’s forgetting that Sonny might happily snap her neck.

Kiki’s world is about to collapse whenever she finds out that Morgan and Denise/Ava are climbing all over each other. I don’t understand the attraction between those two, because what in the world do they have in common besides sex? Morgan is kind of dopey not to have figured out who Denise is.

So where do we go from here, GH? I still don’t know how Luke’s final exit will be achieved, and I’m sad that it will be happening. What’s going to fill the void after that? We need something big and exciting to keep us tuning in, GH. Can you make it happen?

Fashion pick of the week: Nina’s black crochet dress. The girl has the best clothes!

Here’s a sneak peek at Nathan and Maxie for the week of July 20.


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