Happy Father’s Day! New DVD and Blu-ray Titles for Every Dad!

DVDs for Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we have a great list of new DVD and blu-ray releases that are perfect for dads of all types! Whether they love classic TV like “Barney Miller,” crime movies like “The Forger” or music collections like “The Midnight Special,” we’re sure you’ll find it on this list.

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TWO AND A HALF MEN: THE TWELFTH AND FINAL SEASON. When Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) nearly kicks the bucket, he decides it’s high time he stops waiting for the right woman to live a meaningful life. Unable to adopt a kid as a single dad, he pops the question to his long-time roommate and best friend Alan Harper (Jon Cryer), and the result is a match made in Malibu!

DUCK DYNASTY: SEASON 7. The Robertson family travels across the pond when Willie and the crew head to Scotland. Jase tries his hand at the Highland Games while Jep and Jessica are Uncle Si-interrupted during a romantic rendezvous. Back home, Willie kicks into gear as assistant football coach on Lil Will’s team while Dancing with the Stars’ Mark Ballas pays a visit to partner Sadie and gets Willie and Kay out on the dance floor.

Major Crimes S3MAJOR CRIMES: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON.  Season 3 finds the crew investigating a series of complex cases, including the death of a canine that inherited his deceased millionaire master’s fortune; a young runaway who is found murdered in a trash can; a woman who confesses to killing her rapist; a series of young girls who disappear from a nightclub; and a father and two young kids who go missing. Stars include Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz and Kearran Giovanni.

ANIMAL PLANET’S TANKED: SEASON TWO. All this water in the desert is no mirage—it’s the work of a Las Vegas duo heading the nation’s largest aquarium manufacturing company, run by brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Raymer. In this 2-disc set, an orthodontist in New York orders up a shark tank for his new office, a game enthusiast in Chicago wants a pinball-machine aquarium, and a team in Pensacola asks to convert their bus into a mobile aquarium.

BROADCHURCH: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. David Tennant returns as Alec Hardy and Olivia Colman resumes her role as Ellie Miller, last seen having her life torn apart as husband Joe confessed to murdering local schoolboy Danny Latimer in the seaside town. In the 8-episode season, the focus is the trial for Latimer’s murder, as well as the return of a murder case that continues to haunt Detective Hardy.

COUNTRY BUCKS: SEASON 1. Owners of a 55,000-acre ranch and a prosperous hunting gear company with goods ranging from deer feed to archery weapons, the Busbice family and their crew aren’t just a few Louisiana good ole boys; they’re a multimillion-dollar team. Kick back and enjoy the good old-fashioned antics of this fun-loving American family, whether they’re tinkering with their latest gadget, taste testing deer feed, or out on a hunting trip with family friend Willie Robertson.

RIZZOLI & ISLES: SEASON 5. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander star in this crime dramedy as Jane Rizzoli, a tough-as-nails Boston police detective, and Maura Isles, a smart, impeccably dressed medical examiner from a privileged background. Despite being complete opposites, the two women share an offbeat chemistry, an authentic friendship and a unique working relationship that helps them solve Boston’s most complex murders. Based on a book series by best-selling crime writer Tess Gerritsen, Rizzoli & Isles also stars Bruce McGill, Jordan Bridges and Lorraine Bracco.

MANHATTAN: SEASON ONE. Set against the backdrop of the greatest race against time in the history of science — the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico — this series follows the project’s brilliant but flawed scientists and their families as they attempt to coexist in a world where secrets and lies infiltrate every aspect of their lives.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: SEASON 5. Ok, maybe a stretch for most dads, but I’m guessing there might be some dad fans of this series! Season 5 begins in the moments following the epic Season 4 finale, in which Ezra was shot, among other shocking acts and revelations. Alison is alive and back in Rosewood, and everyone is affected by her return – but is she the same Alison after being on the run? Hanna’s ex, Caleb, returns, but he too, is changed. Plus, how does Mona fit into everything and what is Melissa (guest star Torrey DeVitto) hiding?

KILLING JESUS. Based on the New York Times best seller by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, this movie chronicles the life and death of Jesus. Featuring an all-star cast, including Stephen Moyer, Rufus Sewell, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kelsey Grammer, this thought-provoking account adds new context to the story of Jesus and the conflicts that led to his demise.

ROGUE: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. Undercover detective Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) crossed the line between right and wrong, and her involvement with the city’s most powerful and dangerous crime family caused her to pay the ultimate price – the loss of her son. This season, she’s left undercover life behind to be a better mother to her daughter and taken a new job as a handler for an FBI task force investigating corporate espionage in San Francisco. But when her undercover operative goes missing, Grace is forced back into a world of lies and deceit, following a trail of dirty money and investigating  four soldiers at the center of the drama.

WELCOME TO SWEDEN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. Based on Greg Poehler’s true life story, this comedy follows successful New York money manager to the stars,  Bruce (Poehler), who falls in love with a Swedish girl, Emma (Josephine Bornebusch), and follows her back to her native Stockholm when she returns for a job.  Moving halfway around the world with a new love is a huge step and Bruce, with no job, friends or real clue about what he is getting himself into, is quick to face the many unique challenges and culture clashes that living in a foreign land presents.


CPO SHARKEY: THE COMPLETE SEASON 1. After serving in the Navy during WWII in real-life, the legendary Don Rickles found a perfect vehicle  for his inimitable brand of comedy with CPO SHARKEY, a satirical look at Navy life which ran on NBC for two seasons and 37 episodes from 1976 to 1978. Also stars Jeff Hollis, David Landsberg, Barry Pearl, Tom Ruben and Richard Beauchamp.

THE WONDER YEARS: SEASON THREE. In the third season of the fan favorite, Kevin gets his first French kiss during an otherwise forgettable family vacation at the beach. The boyfriend-girlfriend thing still puzzles him, and his relationship with Winnie (Danica McKellar) and Paul (Josh Saviano) simply adds to the confusion.  Cars enter the picture when his knucklehead brother Wayne (Jason Hervey) gets his driver’s license.  And the young Kevin flirts with potential rock ‘n’ roll stardom after new kid Larry Beeman (Joshua Miller) gets The Electric Shoes up and running.

Barney MillerBARNEY MILLER: THE FINAL SEASON. Acclaimed throughout its eight season run, Barney Miller remains a beloved sitcom for its quirky yet humanistic exploration of the lives and exploits of a police squad in New York’s Greenwich Village. A comedic peek into the world of the American Everyman, Barney Miller’s approach to television comedy is reflected in the many programs that have followed in its wake and taken inspiration from its distinct style and humor. Hal Linden, Ron Glass, Max Gail, James Gregory, Ron Carey, and Steve Landesberg star in this 22-episode collection.

THE NANNY: THE COMPLETE SERIES. This show about a flashy girl from Flushing with the heart of an angel stars Fran Drescher in her signature role. Chronicling  the comic misadventures of the sweet and sassy Fran Fine (Drescher), her sophisticated employer, Broadway producer Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaugnessy), his boisterous brood (Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury and Madeline Zima) and his wisecracking staff (Lauren Lane and Daniel Davis), each episode is a sure-fire dose of (nasally) laughter and fun.

CHiPs: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON. The action and fun continue with Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox returning as California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Jon Baker in 24 road-ripping episodes. Also returning, Robert Pine as amiable Sgt. Getraer. So pull it over, pal, and dig out that license and registration because officers Jon and Ponch are on patrol. Remember, safety first… and always signal before turning.


THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. On August 19, 1972, “The Midnight Special” became THE destination for music fans. Airing at 1:00 am every Friday on NBC for the next 9 years, it was guaranteed to kick the weekend off with a resounding bang. Each show — many hosted by Wolfman Jack — captured artists live in concert performing the songs that made them famous. The series also showcased the era’s funniest comedians, including Steve Martin, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Billy Crystal, Joan Rivers, Andy Kaufman, Flip Wilson, Freddie Prinze and more. Among the highlights of this set are Van Morrison’s “Moondance,” Heart’s “Crazy on You,” Steely Dan’s “Reeling in the Years” and “Do it Again” and Jim Croce’s “Operator (That’s Not the Way it Feels).”

The Wrecking CrewTHE WRECKING CREW. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, this film chronicles “The Wrecking Crew,” the unsung musicians that provided the backbeat, the bottom and the swinging melody that drove many of the number one hits of the 1960s. It didn’t matter if it was Nat “King” Cole, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, The Monkees, The Byrds or The Beach Boys, these dedicated musicians brought the flair and musicianship that made the American “west coast sound” a dominant cultural force around the world. Directed by Tommy Tedesco’s son, Denny, don’t miss this excellent film.

A MUSICARES TRIBUTE TO CAROLE KING. Carole King was honored as the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year, and a cast of superstar guests performed some of the quintessential songs from her renowned and celebrated career. Performers include Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Miranda Lambert, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer, Judith Hill, and Darlene Love; LeAnn Rimes, Steven Tyler, James Taylor, Martina McBride, Kacey Musgraves, Jennifer Nettles, P!nk, will.i.am, King herself, and many more. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will provide essential support for MusiCares, which ensures that music professionals have a place to turn in times of financial, medical and personal need.


Tom and Jerry Spy QuestTOM AND JERRY: SPY QUEST – ORIGINAL MOVIE. Tom and Jerry set out on one of their biggest, boldest adventures yet in this movie full of intrigue, thrills, suspense and high-action as the animated duo get wrapped up in a top secret, spy-tacular, fun-filled mission the whole family can enjoy together. It’s just another day at the beach for the dueling Tom and Jerry, until they bump into world-class junior spies Jonny Quest, Hadji and their canine companion Bandit.

MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC – CUTIE MARK QUESTS. In Equestria, being true to yourself is the key to earning your cutie mark. Join Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash—as well as everyone’s favorite Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom—as they journey to find their own Cutie Marks, take on the spirit of chaos and disharmony and visit a village where every pony has given up their Cutie Marks?!

SCOOBY-DOO! 13 SPOOKY TALES: SURF’S UP SCOOBY-DOO! For Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the rest of the crime-busting crew, life is never a day at the beach. So when the Gang go to a resort in Florida for a much-needed vacation, they kick back and enjoy some sun, sand and… a sea monster?!  Also, watch Scooby-Doo make a splash in 12 more fun-filled summertime episodes full of nautical nuisances.

TOM AND JERRY: THE GENE DEITCH COLLECTION. For decades, that tussling twosome Tom and Jerry have chased their way into the funny bones and hearts of moviegoers and television viewers in a variety of unforgettable cartoons. In the 1960s, acclaimed animation director Deitch, was selected to bring a new set of Tom and Jerry shorts to life. Adding his own distinctive style to the famous cartoon, Deitch worked with William L. Snyder’s Prague-based animation studio, Rembrandt Films to create 13 memorable shorts.

BATMAN UNLIMITED: ANIMAL INSTINCTS. When Gotham City is plagued by a rash of bizarre crimes committed by the animal-inspired villain squad, the Animilitia (made up of Silverback, Cheetah, Killer Croc and Man-Bat), Batman swings into action to investigate. But could the Animilita be working for powerful businessman Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin?

MAYA THE BEE MOVIE. Freshly hatched bee Maya is a little whirlwind and simply won’t follow the rules of the hive. One of these rules, of course, is not to trust the hornets that live beyond the meadow. When the Royal Jelly is stolen, the hornets are the prime suspects and Maya is thought to be their accomplice. Now, it’s up to Maya and her good-natured best friend Willy, the only one who will stand by her, to prove her innocence and find the missing Royal Jelly!

STRANGE MAGIC. This animated film from Lucasfilm Ltd. is a madcap fairy tale musical inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Popular songs from the past six decades help tell the tale of a colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their hilarious misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion. World-class animation, gorgeous visual effects and snappy music make this a must-see.


BORDERING ON BAD BEHAVIOR. Starring Tom Sizemore, Bernard Curry and Oz Zehavi, this movie follows three enemy soldiers — an Israeli, an American and an Australian Arab — who are accidentally locked in a Middle East military communication base where things go horribly wrong. Trapped for six hours, the three sworn enemies must figure out how not to kill each other.

THE FORGER. The world’s best art forger (John Travolta) makes a deal with a crime syndicate to get an early release from prison, but in return he must pull off an impossible heist – he must forge a painting by Claude Monet, steal the original from a museum and replace it with a replica so perfect no one will notice. He enlists the help of his father (Christopher Plummer) and son (Tye Sheridan) and together they plan the heist of their lives.

THE BARBER. Eugene van Wingerdt (Scott Glenn) is a small-town barber hiding a dark secret. Twenty years earlier he was arrested for several gruesome murders, but was released due to insufficient evidence. The detective in charge of the case killed himself in despair. Now the detective’s son is in town, with a few secrets of his own. Is he seeking revenge or hoping to learn at the feet of the master?

ASSASSIN’S GAME. Tom Sizemore stars in this movie about legendary hit man Vet Jones, who never expected to accept another mission. But when his son fails to assassinate an important target, a powerful crime boss gives Jones an ultimatum — finish the job or his son dies. After realizing the target is innocent, Jones tries to change his mission in order to protect the target, but can he save her life as well as the life of his son?

CUT BANK. Dwayne McLaren (Liam Hemsworth) dreams about escaping small town life in Cut Bank, Montana, “the coldest spot in the nation,” with his vivacious girlfriend Cassandra (Teresa Palmer). When Dwayne witnesses an awful crime, he tries to leverage a bad situation into a scheme to get rich quickly, but soon learns that fate and an unruly accomplice are working against him. Thrust into the middle of a police investigation spearheaded by the local sheriff (John Malkovich), things go from bad to worse.


ROOMMATE WANTED. Janie is an ambitious student who dreams of a better life. Dee is a gorgeous socialite who dreams of a rich husband. They’re already not the best of friends — or the best of roommates. But when Janie gets the opportunity of a lifetime, Dee becomes the roommate from hell as she desperately tries to destroy Janie’s life. Alexa Vega and Spencer Grammer star in this thriller.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT. A group of researchers led by Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancée Zoe (Olivia Wilde) have achieved the unimaginable: bringing the dead back to life. When Zoe is accidentally electrocuted in a horrific accident, Frank and his team use their experimental serum to resurrect her. But their attempt goes horribly wrong — unleashing terrifying powers within Zoe that put all of their lives in grave danger.

MOMMY. A feisty widowed single mom finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her unpredictable 15-year-old ADHD son. As they struggle to make ends meet, Kyla, the peculiar new neighbor across the street, offers her help. Together, they find a new sense of balance, and hope is regained. Stars include Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Anne Dorval, Suzanne Clement, Patrick Huard and Alexandre Goyette.

BEDLAM. From After Dark Originals, this thriller stars Guy Edmonds, Peter McAllum and Johnny Boxer. When George (Edmonds) seeks treatment for his mental illness, the hospital is a darker world than even his demons could conjure up. Now, he’s fighting to survive his cure — at Bedlam.


McFarland USAMcFARLAND, USA. Inspired by the 1987 true story, this movie follows novice runners from McFarland, a poverty-stricken town in California’s farm-rich Central Valley, as they give their all to build a cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a newcomer to their predominantly Latino high school. Coach White and the McFarland students have a lot to learn about each other but when White starts to realize the boys’ exceptional running ability, things begin to change.

THE DUFF. Bianca (Mae Whitman) is a high school senior whose world is shattered when she learns the student body knows her as “The DUFF” (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends (Skyler Samuels, Bianca Santos). Despite the words of caution from her favorite teacher (Ken Jeong), she puts aside the potential distraction of her crush, Toby (Nick Eversman), and enlists Wesley (Robbie Amell), a slick but charming jock, to help reinvent herself. Based on the novel by Kody Keplinger, this cute flick also stars Bella Thorne as the school’s ruthless label maker.

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: TRIALS OF THE HEART. The love story blooming in Hope Valley continues with this installment based on celebrated author Janette Oke (who also wrote the “Love Comes Softly” series). This romantic adventure from the old frontier stars Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, and Lori Laughlin.

BALLET 422. From first rehearsal to world premiere, this documentary takes us backstage at the New York City Ballet as Justin Peck, a young up-and-coming choreographer, crafts a new work. With unprecedented access to an elite world, the film follows Peck as he collaborates with musicians, lighting designers, costume designers and his fellow dancers to create Paz de la Jolla, NYCB’s 422nd new ballet.

MISS JULIE. This movie depicts a fierce battle between a man and a woman, a struggle for power and dominance enacted through a cruel and compulsive game of seduction and repulsion. At a country estate in Ireland in the 1880s, Miss Julie and John, her father’s valet, dance and drink, charm and manipulate each other. By turns seductive and bullying, savage and tender, their intimacy leads to desperate plans and vision of a life together. Directed by Liv Ullman, this drama stars Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton.

SPARE PARTS. Based on an incredible true story, this movie chronicles the journey of four undocumented Mexican-American high school students from Phoenix, Arizona who form a robotics club and are led by their teacher (George Lopez) with nothing but spare parts and a dream to compete against MIT in a National Underwater Robotics Competition.

THE COBBLER. Max Simkin (Adam Sandler) has had enough of working in his little New York shoe repair shop where he quietly envies people with more interesting lives. So when he discovers an old family heirloom with the magical ability to change his appearance and transform into any of his customers, the temptation is too good to pass up. However, his newfound ability to become someone else proves to be as troublesome as it is fun — especially when a ruthless real estate mogul threatens to take over his neighborhood.

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