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I’m not one who tells people that I watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but on occasion, I do. My kids sometimes watch it, and I will sit down with them to see what’s going on. There, I said it! I watch it sometimes.

With Bruce’s big news all over the internet and entertainment media lately, I knew my kids would be watching the two-part episode of his “coming out” to his family, as well as the Diane Sawyer special. When I say “coming out,” of course I mean him stating that he is transgender – transitioning into a woman.

Whoa, step back! Well, it’s not like we all hadn’t noticed that Bruce had been changing the past year or two. He was looking more feminine – long hair, losing a lot of bulk, face work. I did, like many, wonder what was going on with him. Did the crazy TV show and non-stop media send him over the edge?

The answer is no. This is something that has been in him (he explained in both KUWTK and the Diane Sawyer Special) since he was a little boy. It’s something he’s struggled with all of his life. He liked women’s clothes, and he liked being like one of the girls. He had been living a lie, not being true to himself, his entire life – and finally decided to come clean to his family once and for all – and he did. Good for you, Bruce.

Today, the much anticipated Vanity Fair cover of “Caitlyn Jenner” was released on the web. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the photo.

Caitlyn Jenner

I can’t imagine the anxiety and stress he must have been feeling when he finally told his family. He told his older children first, and then Kendall, Kylie and the Kardashians. It was a shock – very difficult for them to take in. It was TOTALLY normal. I feel that I’m pretty liberal regarding social issues, but if my dad or stepdad told me that he was transgender and going to transition into a woman, I’d probably say “excusez-moi” – “come again” – “say what?”

I would be shocked, and I’d go through what his family is going through … anger (Kris is both mad and hurt), sadness, confusion, frustration, you name it. But all of that is normal. I heard Bruce say all of the girls cried and are taking it very differently. But in the end, they’re accepting and supportive, because they love Bruce and can see that it’s something he obviously had thought about for a very long time. They just want him to be happy.

Kendall and Kylie were the most upset and in different ways. Kendall showed her emotions, but Kylie seemed to keep things inside. They are the youngest. Khloe was angry. Angry that he hadn’t been up-front about it earlier. She was open about her frustration.

Kim actually surprised me the most (as Bruce even stated). She now has embraced his decision and is communicating with him, asking hard questions, and even asking to see his “female” wardrobe and working on it with him. I think that’s sweet, and it made Bruce happy.

For those (and I know there are a lot of you) who don’t like or respect the Kardashians, this is one time you should watch the show. This subject is bigger than the family. This is about Bruce and about people who struggle with their gender and sexuality. It shows a family dealing in a REAL way with the realities of life – they are dealing with it as any normal family would.

It has created an awareness and discussion about the subject and, hopefully, a better understanding of the issues surrounding transgenders. Bruce has taken a giant step, and he’s learning himself. But most importantly, he’s being true to himself and his family is supporting him. Hopefully, he is paving the way for others who are struggling with their own identities.

Check out the video below – Part 1 of the Diane Sawyer Special, “About Bruce.”  



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