When I’m not reading and writing, I’m playing video games. Fantasy roleplay games are my favorite – as with my books and television shows, I love the chance to explore huge fantasy worlds, to see all the nuanced worldbuilding.

So the announcement on Deadline that Hulu landed a drama series based on the 1990s video game “Myst” has sent me into a happy dance.

The video game “Myst” follows a man who wakes up on an island with no idea of where he is or how he got there. It spawned a huge franchise and dominated the PC gaming charts in the 1990s, until the “Sims” franchise took over. (“Sims,” however, would make an awfully boring television show.)

The show will focus on the origins of the island. “Divergent” writer Even Daughterty will write the entire series, and rumor has it that, so long as Hulu approves the first script, an entire series will be ordered. Legendary Television’s Matt Tolmach will produce.

I’m so, so curious to see how this adaption might work – and so, so excited to see if Hulu will pick it up and make a full series from it. I know I’d watch it.

Would you watch a TV backstory to “Myst”? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. I’d totally watch this! Myst was the first computer video game I ever played (well, there was that James Bond one, but it was pretty archaic). I just loved all the magical settings – though I admit I never got very far in the game. I just liked roaming around.

  2. How hadn’t I heard about this yet? I remember playing this game, and I’m currently reading the Divergent series and loving it so far so this seems like it could actually be a decent show. Hulu’s really going for it this year.

  3. An utterly beautiful game. It’s simplicity and odd charm still ring through today, even though it is a point and click from the early nineties. I truly love this game, and I recommend it to all who are looking for something just a little different. The puzzles are not too hard, the art is gorgeous and the story is enthralling.

  4. Myst was a great game. I doubt the Hulu series will be in first person. I’m patiently waiting for a show to explore that form. This should be a good one though.

  5. I’m a dedicated Myst fan, and I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. I’m sorry to see that some people have negative views about such a wonderfully beautiful game, although the navagation is a bit difficult.


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