Archer New York

During a recent visit to New York City, I had the opportunity to stay at a new hotel called Archer New York. This was a last-minute decision, the result of an unpleasant experience at another hotel that forced me to change plans unexpectedly. So I am relieved and very happy to say that the Archer was able to restore my faith in the hotel industry, and allow me to believe once again that the fine art of customer service is still alive and well, if you choose the right place.

Entering the hotel, I saw the sort of upscale touches that usually mean a hotel is way out of my price range—yet the rates at the Archer were comparable (or even a bit less) than those at other nearby hotels. My room was sleek and modern looking, with fashionable décor that immediately caught my friends’ eye as soon as I posted pics on social media.

The View from Archer New York
The View from Archer New York

This was a work trip and my schedule was full, so I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the hotel’s upscale bar or restaurant (both are creations of famous chef David Burke). I did, however, squeeze in a quick trip to the hotel’s rooftop bar, where I got to enjoy an amazing view of the Empire State Building and nearby landmarks.

The Archer definitely has location working in its favor. It is right in the heart of midtown, within walking distance of Grand Central, Times Square and countless other important destinations. I enjoyed heading over to Bryant Park (just a few blocks away), where I caught some lunch before heading inside the NY Public Library. Like any self-respecting “Sex and the City” fan, I headed up the stairway and imagined myself reenacting the wedding scene from the movie—only of course without the big letdown for Carrie.

Throughout my stay, the thing that made the biggest impression was the staff. The hotel is new but it has plenty of that classic, old-school charm you would expect to find in a luxury boutique hotel. Without exception, every staff member I encountered was friendly and professional, with the kind of enthusiasm and positive attitude that makes you really look forward to seeing them. Oh, and the warm cookies or other treats that greeted me on a silver tray when I returned to my room each evening certainly was a nice touch!

If you are looking for a NYC hotel that provides upscale luxury without the snooty attitude, I would definitely recommend checking out Archer New York.


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