Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Will Anna Fall for Sloane?

Lots of twists and turns made this a fun week!

Ok, GH, let’s get right to it with Ava/Denise. First of all, in the past I would have totally laughed that she has no fingerprints, but I actually have a friend who has worn hers off, so I’ll buy that. But the DNA test? I’m guessing Ava’s mom is going to say she had another kid she placed for adoption (Denise) to explain this DNA nonsense. And I’m betting somehow there will be an explanation that Ava ended up with Avery’s DNA as part of the cancer treatment as the real reason for the DNA test.

WHERE is Silas anyhow? He’s been missing for weeks. I just know he is behind this whole thing. He cured Ava with stem cells from Avery and then worked out this new identity plan for her. I honestly don’t quite get why he would do so much for her, though. Wouldn’t it have been easier for her to just get a new face? Judging by how often it happens, GH, it’s got to be easy to do.

I had a really good laugh at how Lucas was allowed to just bring over the DNA report. So much for legal chain of custody. Speaking of Lucas, I’m intrigued to find out what the deal is with Brad’s family. There’s obviously a big secret happening there. Thanks, Lucas, for ixnaying a courthouse wedding. We want a big wedding!

I am never a fan of ghosts so I’m not applauding Carlos haunting Anna, although I definitely think what she did definitely would bother her. Sloane’s clearly got the hots for her. How long will you make him wait, GH? Why is Anna all alone in her hotel room? Why aren’t Patrick, Emma, Felicia and everyone else she knows coming to support her?

General Hospital Sonny and ShawnThat weirdness where Sloane tells Julian to cut Jake loose was really odd. Julian, can’t you figure this out yet? So Jake is at loose ends. Now that Shawn is gone, Sonny needs a new enforcer. Maybe you should apply, Jake. Carly would be all for it.

We’re back to talking about the election rigging. A bad dream I thought had faded away. So Mayor Lomax now wants to be governor and she has fired Sloane to get there. Hmm, ok. And somehow Nikolas is smack in the middle of it, which I still don’t quite understand. I welcome a political scandal after all the mob shootings, though, so have at it, GH. Anna knows the deal now so it will definitely get interesting.

Can I just say that Sloane reminds me of Anderson Cooper in a silver fox way? A young guy with gray hair. Will Anna eventually fall for him?

Valerie is going to be working at the police department (which currently has no commissioner), so she and Dante can continue their kissing cousins forbidden attraction and Lulu’s blood can boil. Once she’s employed, will she get her own pad or continue to hang out with Nikolas? I just know I’m still not a fan of hers.

I’m worrying about Lucy and how she is after Duke’s death. WHAT does that girl do the rest of the year anyhow? I need to know. Is she working? Is she living at the lighthouse? What’s the deal? Whatever happened with the ill-fated spa she was going to open? I love Lucy and wish she was around more. I particularly love her with Scotty. Maybe they could get involved in this election nonsense. Lucy is always good with a scheme.

Nina suspects Ric of marrying her for her money, and it turns out her mother is now somehow behind this. Ric always has an angle for sure. I enjoyed the scene where Franco went to Nathan and Maxie for help with Nina. Great references to how Franco used to be played by someone else. Loved it!

Michael wants Rosalie to buy off Nina and Franco to get ELQ shares, yet she is secretly working for Nikolas to help him get the shares. Rosalie, you’re in a pickle. This won’t end well for you, girl.

And the bombshell of the week is Luke is missing from Shady Brook or wherever he went for treatment. This sounds like the beginning of Luke’s farewell. Don’t blow this, GH. A lot of us have been fans of Luke and Laura since the get-go, so this has to be done right.

Wardrobe obsession of the week: Nina’s flowy dress with the leather zip up belt. Runner up: Anna’s mullet shirt.

Wardrobe offense of the week: Ava/Denise’s horrifying get up. Runner up: Dante: a police detective who dresses like he’s a teenager.



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