William deVry as Julian on "General Hospital" | ABC Photo
Finola Hughes as Anna on "General Hospital" | ABC Photo
Finola Hughes as Anna on “General Hospital” | ABC Photo

There were so many little moments this week that stood out for me: Sam and Jake getting to know each other, Elizabeth and Anna on the docks talking about Duke, Carly almost telling Sonny that Jake is an informant, and that so very sad and touching moment where Julian showed Alexis the baby’s ankle band. I enjoyed all of these little tidbits, and they were all so well played.

So Jake will stay Jake until Liz or Nik slip up somehow, now that poor Hayden is in a coma? I was shouting at the TV when Hayden was saying stupid things like “I’m not the only one who knows.” If you can say that, just say “He’s Jason!” So frustrating. So soapy.

Jake is going to go to jail so he can stop being an informant. I wonder what you’ve got up your sleeve, GH, to make this one fall apart? Jake was looking at the photo of Jason. Maybe he will remember who he is? How is it he is just walking into Elizabeth’s house with his own keys now? What happened to his living at the Metro Court?

I’m unclear what the plan is with Olivia’s unnamed baby. She’s going away for a couple of months (maternity leave for Lisa LoCicero) but then what? How can she come back with a baby?  That’s a tough one, GH, but I know you’ll pull it off. I loved how Julian’s family gathered for an informal wake to support him. And then Ava (or a look alike) burst through the door. Hmm. Is it Ava with memory loss? Is it an unknown Jerome relative? Should be fun to find out.

Julian has sucked Alexis back into his life again. He’s promising to leave the mob for what, the third time now? Oh Alexis. You’re too smart for this. Why will this time be any different?

I’m glad Jordan is no longer undercover. Of course TJ is mad at her. And it turns out Sean is his father after all now. Sean is leaving the show though, so it appears this storyline is pretty much over. He won’t give Sonny up for a deal. I was pretty tired of this storyline, so sayonara.

I’m still completely stunned that Nikolas hired a hit man. What? He is turning into Helena. And Liz has wigged out too, doing everything she can to keep Jake’s past secret. It’s sort of fun when tried and true characters make fundamental changes, as long as it is believable. Liz, I get. Nik, I’m not so sure of.

Michael and Sabrina are cute together. I’ve always liked her (well, except when she was trying to kill Ava’s baby). She always sort of seems to me like she should be HIS babysitter, though, not AJ/Avery’s. And Morgan and Kiki are back together, too. Please, please, please keep her from calling him “Cap’n” a lot, because I really hated that!

Nina married Ric? That was a little weird. She’s cray-cray, though, so I understand what she’s doing. Ric, however, may be misguided and evil sometimes, but he’s not delusional. He must have an angle. Her money? (What’s going on with that anyhow?)

Finola Hughes is doing an incredible job playing a grief-stricken Anna. She made me feel so sad watching her droop around in her bathrobe. Poor Anna.

I’m relieved this week is over since the entire cast had to wear the same clothes every single episode since it was all within one day. Boy was I getting tired of Liz’s flowery sweater. Time to move things along a bit. More wardrobe changes, please.



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