Become Celebrity Rich with Platinum’s New Member Bonus

Best-Casino-Movies-or-Best-Casinos-1024x640There are not many people that wouldn’t revel in the chance to become as wealthy as a celebrity. Unfortunately, those kinds of riches are hard to come by, unless you try your hand while cashing in on the best new casino bonus at With a 1,500 new player bonus, everyone has a chance to become celebrity rich.

Platinum Play offers this new player bonus to all new members, and even offers a purchase match on the first deposit made by each new member. In other words, if a player doesn’t strike it rich while playing with their 1,500 bonus credits, Platinum Play will match the player’s first purchase of up to $/£/€200 credits. This means that new members get a double bonus, and have a very good chance to become as wealthy as a celebrity. Remember that it’s wise to always make sure to read the terms and conditions when signing up, so you know exactly how it works with all in the ins and outs explained clearly.

Game enthusiasts will find all of their favorite table games, as well as slots and numerous other exciting casino games when they become a Platinum member. Additionally, members will have an opportunity to cash in on several weekly promotions that include purchase matches and casino credits. Monthly promotions and loyalty rewards are also a part of being a valued member of Platinum Casino. These two bonuses offer rewards points, free spins, and real-world prizes, as well as birthday points, and additional rewards simply for playing.

Platinum Online Casino doesn’t stop there though; members can become VIP players who are offered opportunities through special invitations. The Fortune Lounge Cruise is another exciting bonus of playing casino games at Platinum. Players can indulge in casino promotions and an opportunity to win a trip for two on a luxurious cruise liner when entering the Fortune Lounge Cruise area.

With enormous jackpots and high stakes payouts, each Platinum member has an opportunity to win big, celebrity wealth big. That’s right, each day provides plenty of chances to partake in bonuses, promotions, as well as rewards that all can lead to becoming filthy rich. All it takes is just one game to fall onto the path of living the celebrity lifestyle.

Even with a small investment, Platinum players can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Stop wishing for riches. Become a Platinum Online Casino member today and discover how easy it is to win big. The substantial sign-on bonus in itself is enough to turn new members into instant millionaires.

People from many parts of the world can sign up today to take advantage of the best new casino bonus at and will instantly receive 1,500 in free credits. There are absolutely no obligations to purchase additional credits. Once the free credits are used, players can enjoy a first deposit match, as well as several other members only bonuses.

Don’t wait around for good fortune to come along. Take control of your destiny as a new Platinum member. After all, lady luck is no stranger to Platinum Casino; in fact, she is inside waiting to bless new Platinum members with wealth that would make a celebrity jealous. Come inside, receive the new member bonus and learn what it feels like to always be treated like a VIP!






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