Tribeca Film Festival: 7 Gorgeous Photos of Theo James, Dakota Fanning & Richard Gere at ‘Franny’ World Premiere

Theo James on the red carpet at the world premiere of "Franny" at the TriBeCa Film Festival | Paula Schwartz Photo
Theo James on the red carpet at the world premiere of “Franny” at the Tribeca Film Festival | Paula Schwartz Photo

With his brooding facial expression and scruffy beard, handsome English actor Theo James put a little heat on the red carpet Friday night at the world premiere of his new film “Franny” at the Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Performing Arts Center.

Women particularly went wild trying to get cellphone shots and vying for his attention on the red carpet. And here we’re talking about the women journalists. A half dozen or so climbed over the metal barricades in their spike heels to get onto the red carpet where they hoped to nab the “Divergent” actor before he sauntered off into the theater. Their attempts were unsuccessful; publicists made them climb back over to the other side, a dangerous endeavor, especially in Christian Louboutin 6” spike heels.

The “Divergent” actor co-stars with Dakota Fanning and Richard Gere in the narrative feature debut of writer-director Andrew Renzi. According to the Tribeca film guide, Gere plays the title character Franny “Francis” Watts, who worms his way into the lives of a deceased friend’s daughter (Dakota Fanny) and her husband after the daughter gets in touch with him because she needs help. This provides Franny with a new sense of purpose even as he grapples with guilt for inadvertently causing the deaths of this young woman’s parents.

Wish we had quotes from the filmmaker and James on Gere’s performance, what they did off set, and who designed James’ elegantly cut suit, but we never got closer to the English actor than to take these photographs.


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