The Selection Kiera CassYA fans can celebrate today! Another YA series with a huge fandom is coming to the big screen!

Warner Bros. won the rights to Kiera Cass’ “The Selection,” the first in her five-novel series of the same name. (The last two books involve descendents of some of the lead characters, and there are other related companion novels.)

In “The Selection,” 35 girls are chosen to compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. But when America Singer is selected, it isn’t quite the dream she hoped for; she must turn her back on her secret love with a boy named Aspen and enter the fierce competition for the crown.

But there’s more to Prince Maxon than she thought, and maybe the life she dreamed of can’t compare to what the future has in store.

Denise DiNovi and Alison Greenspan of DiNovi Pictures’ will produce alongside Pouya Shahbazian.

Deadline reports that Katie Lovejoy will be the writer to adapt “The Selection” to the big screen. She doesn’t have a lot of experience — she’s written an episode of “Dracula” and has two projects in development, a drama titled “Arsonist’s Love Story” and a TV series titled “Critical” – but she seems super enthusiastic about the project, which is a big plus in my book.

I hope she works with Cass on getting the details right. Movie adaptations are always better, I think, when the author has a hand in them!

While I’m not in “The Selection” fandom myself, I know plenty of lovely readers who are. This book will be a lot of fun to see on the big screen, and I can’t wait to see who they cast!

Who would you cast in “The Selection” film? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Congrats Kiera Cass on securing your YA book series for the big screen.
    I read a sample of the first book and was hooked.

    There are so many great actors/actresses that would fit the characters within this series so well.
    I’ve made my suggestions of the which has developed a list of actors/actresses you can vote and nominate for the cast. I really hope the movie producers look into some of these suggestions, they are great!

  2. for America, i think either Lily Collins or Jaqueline Emerson. For Maxon, i can see Luke Hemmings, but since he’s not an actor, either Josh Hutcherson, Dylan O’Brien, or Gregg Sulkin, of course they would all have to dye their hair.

  3. I would really really like for AUDREY HOLLISTER to play America as she is the model for America on the front covers for the books and I think she would do a super amazing job at it 🙂 PLEASE!

  4. I think Richard Madden would make an awesome Maxon, if he dyed his hair blonde. Zac Efron would be a good Aspen too. If Taylor Swift dyed her hair red I think she’d make a great America!

  5. I’m excited for the movie but at the same time I don’t want it on screen because its a book that few people have actually read in my school and when the movie comes out ALL of the preppy girls will read the books and they’ll act like they’re the coolest. I kinda like being able to talk with like 5 other people who’ve read the books

  6. I also know that in the book that Macon is blonde but I just can’t picture him blonde so i think that Callan McAuliffe would do nicely

  7. I would <333 if audrey hollister was the actress as America Singer if she were good at acting too. Im okay with any honey blonde actor as Maxon, but plz NOT josh hutcherson. I really dont like him i dont want him to ruin the movie

  8. Personally, I think Greg Sulkin would be great as Maxon, but I’m still not sure who should play him. However, Audrey Hollister should at least be asked to play America since she’s already the face everyone pictures as America.

    • Yes Ansel Elgort would be THE PERFECT MAXON!! He has that persona in him just as Maxon is described as to who he is in the series. Maxon has that tenderness to his personality and even in his way of speaking, and his demeanor. Ansel is just like that! Except for the obvious fact that Ansel has dark hair and Prince Maxon has blonde hair. But that’s no biggy ;). ANSEL ELGORT!!!!

  9. I think that Alex Peffyter would be an amazing Maxton. Like Zack efron as aspen. And Audrey hollister or Chloe from Pitch Perfect. Im not sure of her name though.

  10. Im so excited of the movie. OMG! I do hopeAudrey Hollister would take the role of America and i would like Max Irons or Gregg Sulkin to play as maxon. They really fit the roles of each character. Can’t wait already!

  11. Well the best America is for sure Audrey Hollister but if I have to choose an actress and not a model….Well I would pick Debora Ann Woll. For Aspen I want LIAM HEMSWORTH <3 and finally for Maxon… I think Freddie Stroma or Max Irons

  12. I think the girl used on the book cover should be America. She’s beautiful and captures the feel of her perfectly

    • dude its probably not going to come out for a couple years since the producers have to make like 20 different scripts before choosing one… but i totally feel ya, the movie could come out tomorrow and it wouldn’t be soon enough. <3<3<3 The Selection!

  13. i think that Audrey Hollister should be America because she was on the book cover and she is already sort of “America Singer.” Second, I think that Bonnie Wright will also be a good America.

  14. There are rumors that Aimee Teegarden is going to be America, Wiliam Mosely Prince Maxon, and Ethan Pack Aspen. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HATE IT! WILIAM MOSELY AND ETHAN PACK ARE WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS ROLE, AND AIMEE TEEGARDEN ISN’T EVEN REDHAIRED! SHE’S BLOND! My life will be RUINED if this is true :'( I would really prefer someone NOT TOO OLD, and for America SOMEONE REDHAIRED. But okay, I just wanted to share this with you guys

  15. For America, I would love either Kat McNamara or Holland Roden.
    Prince Maxon, I would love Chace Crawford
    Aspen, I would love Tyler Posey or Mat Lanter

  16. I think this would be an amazing cast-

    Robbie Kay-Maxon
    Logan Lerman-Aspen
    Bonnie Wright- America
    Anthony Head- King Clarkson
    Sammi Hanratty- Marlee

    It would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Robbie Kay and Bonnie Wright, though they would have to talk in an american accents. Ha!

  17. Sophie Turner as America Singer
    Elle Fanning as May Siner
    Chase Crawford Aspen Leger
    Theo James as Prince Maxon
    John Rhys Davies as King Clarkson
    Maxima Zorreguieta as Queen Amberly
    Bridgit Mendler as Marlee Tames

  18. I CANNOT WAIT! LIKE NO KIDDING! I MIGHT CRY… the only thing is that when I read the books, it was like I pictured all these people for the characters, and if they don’t look like what I imagined, it might ruin the movie for me… it’s a very harsh concept for me… hmmmmm I think:
    Audrey Hollister for America
    Liam Hemsworth for Maxon
    Theo James for Aspen
    Britt Robertson for Marlee

    • That really should be the cast because Liam hemsworth is awesome and Audrey hollister is already the face pretty much everybody sees as America. Theo James is really cool and would make a great guard. Also he is really cute. Britt Robertson would make a great Marlee because she would fit the profile.

  19. I am sooo excited for this (these) movies I seriously can not wait!!! AS for the cast I think these people would be absolutely perfect!!
    Maxon – Brenton Thwaites, Gregg Sulkin or Josh Hutcherson
    America – Sophie Turner
    Aspen – Zac Efron, Ansel Elgort
    May – Elle Fanning (kinda copied her but shes perfect!)
    I think any of those people would be amazing for those parts!!!!!!!

  20. I think Holland Roden should play America singer, Dylan O’Brien should play Aspen, Josh Hutcherson should play Maxon, and Lindon Ashby should play king clarkson.

  21. Maxon Schreave – Max Irons
    America Singer – Audrey Hollister
    Aspen Leger – Theo James/Taylor Lautner
    Queen Amberly – Angelina Jolie

  22. My dreamcast for the movie adaptation would be Audrey Hollister as America Singer because she IS America for me. I see her on the book covers and I have pictured her as America ever since! Haha. And for Maxon definitely Max Irons. He really looks the part, he’s played royalty before on the TV series The White Queen as King Edward IV and I feel like there’s something about him that would make him the perfect Maxon. Honestly, someone just suggested Max to play as Maxon and I was just hooked! Now every time I reread the series I see his face as Maxon’s! LOL. I REALLY TRULY HOPE they cast these two. I don’t care about the others. Just make these two happen! 😀

  23. I can’t wait for ‘The Selection’ to be turned into a movie! I JUST checked out the book from my library last Friday and I devoured it by Sunday morning. It’s Monday and I’m more than halfway finished with the second and I am in LOVE!!!!! I adore this series and next time I get the chance to go to a book store, I am picking up all the books and they will be the first things (other than clothes) that I pack to take with me to college next fall. OMG! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!

  24. *DREAM CAST*

    Audrey Hollister for America Singer.
    Max Irons for Prince Maxon.
    Logan Lerman for Aspen Legers.
    Britt Robertson for Marlee Tames.

  25. I think Josh Hutcherson should be Prince Maxon and Chloë Grace Moretez should be Marlee Thames. Audrey Hollister should totally be America Singer!!!!!!! Can’t wait for this to come out.

  26. I think that holland roden is good to act america and for maxon i can’t imagine his hair totally blond more like blond and brown

  27. I do not think that Audrey Hollister should be America because she is in her thirties (not saying that she couldn’t look young, but almost a fifteen year difference is a lot), and it would be hard to make her look seventeen. she is a great model though. I think that Dylan O’Brien should play Aspen, and that Sophie Turner would make a good America. Alexander Ludwig would also make a great Maxon in my mind. I just hope that the movie would come out so everyone else in my school can be as obsessed with these books as I am. I’ve read them all twice, in a matter of two days each time. I will probably end up reading them again in six more months. Kiera Cass, you are a great author. there are not many books I would read more than once just for fun.

  28. America: Audrey Hollister or Karen Gillan
    Maxon: Sam Claffin
    Aspen: Liam Hemsworth or Eddie redmayne( maybe he can be maxon to if he dyes his hair)
    Marlee: Amanda Seyfried or Jennifer Lawrence
    Celeste: Barbara Palvi (couldn’t find a good one)
    Kriss: Ashley Greene


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