"Well, this is awkward."
"I don't know who has the baby. I thought YOU had the baby."
“I don’t know who has the baby. I thought YOU had the baby.”

I feel like we are in a holding period before May sweeps when nothing much is really happening, GH. I’ve been yawning a bit lately, I hate to tell you.

Let’s talk about Luke, GH. Make it end. Seriously. I’m over it. Why is Luke in a hospital bed when he was running around town and popping down to Pennsylvania just prior to the scene at his childhood home? I totally am not understanding this hospitalization. Yes, he’s mentally ill, but they don’t generally treat mental illness with immobility in a bed.

And I’m still having a rough time with the rewriting of history that’s happening. GH, you finally explained to us that Fluke wanted to take Sonny down because he was jealous? Whaaaat? Kind of lame. And why did he want to take over ELQ then? I just keep shaking my head over this entire storyline. It seems like it will never end, since Fluke is floating around flaunting the Tim Spencer tattoo.

Some fun things happened lately, though. Access Port Charles broke the baby carriage story about Michael, and that was highly amusing. The incident itself was horrible. Perhaps Morgan and Kiki could now switch Michael’s meds back before he hurts someone or himself? Seems reasonable to me, GH. It’s sort of a hoot that Michael keeps toting that prescription bottle around when cetirizine, the med it’s clearly labelled as, is an over-the-counter med.

Which leads us to who has baby AJ/Avery. My money is on Silas. There was that weird scene where he held up her vials of blood CPS supposedly required him to take. He also gave in to Ava’s death wish too easily. I think he took the baby to do a transplant for Ava. He originally told Ava when she got sick that the baby could be a donor and she rejected it. I’m betting he works some miracle and cures her.

It was interesting to see Sam and Jake on a motorcycle. Only Sam would show up to move in with a respected doctor in a black bra, thin, shabby tank top, and black spike heels. The PTO moms are going to love that Sam. I’m still predicting that relationship fails, although it seems Jake’s identity is going to be under wraps for a while. Jake has spotted the ring under the couch. It’s kind of funny that that ring is rolling around, since when Jason proposed to Sam, he fumbled the engagement ring over the side of a building. I’ll be tuning in next week to see where this goes.

I was completely thrown by Nikolas and Hayden (Jake’s “wife”) suddenly having weird stranger sex with each other. Nicholas, who has long been a “love of my life” kind of guy, suddenly finds a schemer sexy. Which character has amnesia, remind me? Is Nikolas after ELQ just for money or is there something nefarious going on? I’ll watch and see, GH.

Maxie, Spinelli, Nathan, and Ellie have a weird situation happening (will Nathan and Ellie get together next?), but I’m so distracted by baby Georgie (Kirsten Storms’ real-life baby) that I can barely focus. It was hilarious to watch Kirsten try to manage her and see the tissues she spewed all over the set. It’s so different to see a young child completely at ease on camera like this. The other ones are always frozen. I’m sure your plans are to string all of this love triangle (Square? Intersecting triangles?) along for a while, GH, and I’ll be watching. Let me just say I’ve always loved Maxie and Spinelli together, but Maxie and Nathan have crazy chemistry for sure.

I’m watching Franco and Nina with discomfort, GH. I don’t quite get why Franco cares about Nina. She’s clearly not completely together. The revelation by Dr. O that there are secrets in Nina’s past was exciting. And we’re back to wondering who Nathan’s father actually is again. This is all very tasty suspense. It will certainly spawn interesting plotlines to come.

Ned and Olivia are together at last. That took forever. I loved the references to Edward. Lisa LoCicero is adorable with her bump. Alexis is great, as always, in these scenes, but what’s with all the zippers? I hate to break it to you, GH, but lady lawyers don’t usually wear motorcycle jackets to court.

Lucy and Duke. Sigh. I think they are so adorable together, yet so sad since they each have broken hearts. They are very sweet with each other, and I hope to see more scenes. And now we know the Nurse’s Ball will be in May (Lucy said it was two weeks away). I’m marking my calendar for sure! Thanks for bringing Felix back. He’s one of my favorites and has been missing for too long. Just in time for the Ball.

Rick and Elizabeth are back together, although the Justin Timberlake look-alike (the guy who stood in for Jake in the wedding pics) could blow it all unless Carly puts the pieces together first. It’s wonderful to have Spinelli back as the Jackal. He’s another character I love.

GH, I’m hoping things pick up a bit in the weeks to come, and I’m waiting for the Nurses’ Ball. There’s also word that two shows will air live in May, so that will be interesting. Please, spice things up and keep me guessing.


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