Dear GH: We Need to Talk – I’m Worried About Maxie’s Alcohol Consumption

Pelly the Adorable Puppy | Brette Sember Photo
Pelly the Adorable Puppy | Brette Sember Photo

I had to binge-watch to catch up this week since we got a new puppy and it seems all I do is stand in the yard, play toys, or clean up accidents. And I’m not getting enough sleep with all the nighttime outside runs and crying. I couldn’t stay away from GH, though, and caught up in time for the big Friday show.

So Luke is apparently taking a little time off, huh, GH? That story line has wafted off for a while. I find it a bit odd that Valerie, who has had the heartbreaking loss of her mother, remains in town with strangers instead of going home where she presumably has friends. Doesn’t she have a job?

I kind of loved Lulu deciding it was time to pack her up and move her out, but moving her in with Nikolas is weird. Valerie is a Spencer, and thus presumably entitled to enjoy the glamorous accommodations at Kelly’s, one would think. This is particularly true since Shawn apparently no longer lives there and is in Milo’s old apartment now (can you only live there if you are a body builder?).

Dante needs to stop being so empathetic to Valerie. Yeah, so you were both raised by single moms. Is that an excuse to get all huggy? I was not amused by the “frita-ta-ta” talk. This seems so out of character with the way Patricia’s character was played. That woman had a southern drawl; she was not saying frita-ta-ta.

It was a great juxtaposition of the guns being aimed at Duke and Jordan at the same time with Shawn and Anna in the line of fire. Carly is going to have to put bullet proof glass up on the Metro Court terrace since it’s apparently a popular sniper spot. It was interesting how Duke offered to pay TJ’s tuition out of guilt. Jordan and Shawn aren’t smart enough to put that together, though.

I loved the convo between Anna and Patrick, with him telling her she is his family. It was so sweet and so perfect. I also loved Anna explaining why she and Duke can’t be together and her very sensitive understanding of their own individual needs. It was nicely written and really helped explain why they are apart. Finola Hughes was superb, as always. The Girl Scout cookies were a nice touch!

Lucy is working those children to the bone for the Nurse’s Ball. Go, Lucy! They could use some supervised activities so there is no more breaking into safes and starting fires. I think Spencer could use some productive adult supervision since it seems all Nikolas does is bend down and yell at him when they are together. No wonder the kid is throwing himself at Emma.

Now Sam has Jason’s ring back and Patrick is feeling threatened by the ghost of Jason. Yeah, Patrick, she’s not the one for you, ok? That scene where Jake found the ring was sort of silly. “Let ME get the keys from under the couch. Why, there’s something else under here! Egads! It’s a ring! How did that ever get here?!”

"Seriously, where did this ring come from? Is Jason under the couch, too?" - Sam
“Seriously, where did this ring come from? Is Jason under the couch, too?” – Sam

I’m waiting for Carly to bust Hayden: delicious. I have to ask, though, wasn’t there an easier way to identify the Justin Timberlake fake Jake guy other than all this class ring and yearbook stuff? Like maybe just follow him or maybe take a better photo? And why hasn’t Spinelli just hacked into Hayden’s bank account to find out where the money came from? Also, why is Hayden always at the gym? Or is that her euphemism for banging Nikolas? Yep, I’ll be at the gym all day, honey (wink, wink) while you’re at work. And how can she and Jake continue to live at the hotel on his paltry mechanic’s salary? So many question, so few answers.

I always enjoy Lulu and Maxie together, but don’t these gals text each other like all BFFs to stay on top of things? I don’t know any BFFs who would not have sent the blow by blow of that reunion with Spinelli and appearance by Nathan immediately. I adored Maxie’s all-white flowy outfit that day, but what was with the wine? In every scene she was guzzling it, and she didn’t offer any to Spinelli or Lulu. People rarely have unexplained props, GH, so I’m getting scared she is going to have an alcohol problem. Also, that girl needs a job. Someone needs to start a fashion web site or something where she can vlog. How does she pay her rent?

Nathan and Ellie are cute together. Leave it to Lucy to pair them up as “pals.” I’ll be watching to see where that one goes.

The Michael/Morgan/Kiki/Sonny situation was just sort of sad. Maybe Morgan has a problem with you, Michael, because you are kind of pompous? I like that Sonny and Michael are aligning together. Looks like I was right and Silas had Avery. Should be fun explaining that one, Silas.

I’m tiring of the Jake storyline. Here’s one beef I have – Jake and Carly have the same relationship Jason and Carly had, where they say they are BFFs, yet Jason/Jake is always patronizing and annoyed with her. What kind of friendship is that, GH?

The Nurses’ Ball kicks off on Friday, and I’m excited to see who is performing this year and how Lucy will end up in her underwear again. That’s a tradition we can’t miss.

Before I sign off, I’m wondering if Aidan will ever appear again, or is he just a ghost who lives with Liz and Camden? What’s going on with Sam’s apartment? Has Alexis redecorated? When will Ava appear alive again and fully healed (because I still think she’s alive)?



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