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I know what you’re thinking. A TV show called “Sex Box” must be little iffy, right? But what if it’s not? What if, instead, it’s a groundbreaking, unprecedented way for couples in crisis to heal their sexual and emotional issues? What if experts offered couples frank advice that could change their lives for the better?

Because that’s what “Sex Box,” a new show airing Fridays at 10/9c on WEtv, is all about. Each week, three couples from a variety of backgrounds hope to repair their troubled relationships with the help of expert therapists: Dr. Chris Donaghue, Sexologist and Clinical Psychotherapist; Dr. Fran Walfish, Relationship Psychotherapist; and Dr. Yvonne Capehart, Pastor and Couples Counselor.

The theory behind the Sex Box is based on a revolutionary, scientifically proven concept: In the first 15 minutes after intimacy, the body is flooded with oxytocin and endorphins, which help people to open up and reveal the root of their problems.

The couples have sex on stage in front of a live studio audience, but in a specially designed chamber — the Sex Box — which is private, camera free and sound proof. It allows couples to focus on each other and their needs with no outside distractions. When they emerge, that’s when the truth is shared and the therapists begin to help the couples sort through their problems.

Extreme? Yeah, maybe. But maybe it could also be helpful for your own relationship issues. Can’t hurt to check it out, right?

Cuddle up with your sweetie on Friday night and watch the show. Then talk about your own issues. Maybe the passion is slipping from your relationship or you’re trying to overcome trust issues. Maybe you’ve had a traumatic or life-changing event that’s caused problems in your relationship. Maybe your partner has unrealistic expectations, or you’re experiencing lack of support.

Plus, you get the benefit of expert advice — without having to pay for it!

Watch the trailer below, and learn more about Sex Box.

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