Vince Vaughn Is In Some Stock Photos and They’re Brilliant

I’ve seen SO MANY movie promotions over the years, and very few stand out in the crowd. But major kudos to 20th Century Fox and Vince Vaughn for coming up with a brilliant marketing campaign for their upcoming movie, “Unfinished Business,” in theaters this Friday, March 6.

Props also to iStock by Getty for poking fun at the stock images scattered about their website — even though there are plenty of awesome photos there, too. I’m not knocking Getty! Don’t sick your lawyers on me!

But look, stock photos aren’t exactly lauded in the world of advertising and marketing. They’re usually about as fake as they could possibly be while still featuring real people. At least, I think they’re real. They may be robotic clones that are hauled out of the warehouse and plopped at a desk, soon to be on someone’s website landing page or marketing brochure.

And that’s exactly what these photos are — but with Vince Freaking Vaughn. And co-stars Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco and others. It’s perfect for “Unfinished Business,” because the movie is about a business trip that goes off the rails and veers into sex fetish events and economic summits. Possibly at the same time.

Twelve images are being made available for free download over the next three weeks — for editorial use only, so don’t go putting them in your investment banking brochure. Here are the first four.

Just work your magic.
Just work your magic.
There's no "I" in "Team."
There’s no “I” in “Team.”
Business forecast? Nothing but upward trajectory.
Business forecast? Nothing but upward trajectory.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Teamwork makes the dream work.


5 responses to “Vince Vaughn Is In Some Stock Photos and They’re Brilliant”

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  2. matt Avatar

    These are great!

    Great post! Big fan of Vince’s work. I’m looking forward to this film.


  3. stockimages Avatar

    They must be fake IMO

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I think that’s the point. 🙂

  4. Matt Antonino Avatar

    I saw a couple of these pop up on LinkedIn Pulse articles for a few days … wasn’t sure what was going on! “Gosh that looks like Vince Vaughn. Is it? It can’t be. It’s a stock pho… well it doesn’t really look 100% perfect … is it a copy/paste? Is it a fake?”

    Yes, my brain wandered. Anyways, thanks for posting the whole series. I don’t know the younger guy so I didn’t even recognise those in my stream but I bet if I checked now I’d see him as well.

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