‘Revenge’ Recap: Bait – 4×15

Revenge Bait 2Finally, “Revenge” is back! It’s about time. I’ve been wondering what’s been happening in the Hamptons lately. I’m not really a huge fan of the “winter finales” leading into what feels like an eternity for us to wait and wait for our beloved shows to air again.

I do understand, though. Ratings go up, there is Christmas, Hanukkah (and other religious celebrations), New Years and all kinds of sporting events that take precedence. The good news is that most shows are back!

I think most of you will agree that the biggest news on “Revenge” is that Jack finally tells Emily how he feels about her. Jack, seriously, you’re a little behind! Emily, surprised by his admittance, tells him she can’t.

Wait, what? You can’t – after longing for him for so long? Oh my gosh. Of course, the execs have to string this out or it wouldn’t be fun, it would be over. Goodness knows we can’t have them riding off into the sunset quite yet (I do hope it happens on the series finale – whenever that will be).

To complicate matters, Emily is now with Ben (who I like, but is a little drab, if you ask me). Emily admits that she and Jack have been through a lot of craziness together. She calls it “messy.” Messy? Really? That’s an understatement … but you are meant for each other! Rrrrr…

Louise is now a fun little character for the show. I didn’t know what they wanted to do with her when she first came on – she was nuts, right? But we know that wasn’t her fault. She’s good for Nolan and now has a part in Nolan and Emily’s capers. Just what she needed – the poor thing has been bored!

Louise’s first caper – posing as Emily to the awaiting Margaux and FBI. That was a good one, and it actually surprised me. I laughed when I saw it was her and not Emily. Margaux is trumped again, and she doesn’t like it. Although I like Margaux, she can’t beat Emily at the game (at least I hope not). What did you think about Emily adding salt to the wound? I like Emily’s confidence, although Margaux is fuming mad now. Gulp.

Here is a little of the dialog between Emily and Margo:

Emily: “Is that the best you can do?” … “If you’re going to keep coming after me, you’re going to have to be a helluva lot smarter.”

Margo: “I will find your weak spot.”

Emily: “I don’t have one.”

Natalie … well, we finally know who she is … the widow of the elder Mr. Grayson, father-in-law to Victoria. Victoria certainly isn’t happy that she has inherited two dogs and no money from her dead father-in-law. Furious that Natalie gets everything, she hires Louise’s despicable brother to help her prove Natalie is just a money hungry vixen. Sounds like Victoria.

Natalie tells a sad story and claims that the elder Mr. Grayson loved her and was very kind to her. Victoria isn’t buying it, and I’m sure will cause a lot of trouble for Natalie, although Natalie may have something up her sleeve, as well. She’s making the moves (is it real?) on David Clarke, who seems to be a little smitten. Hum … Victoria isn’t going to like it! I just don’t know how exciting this storyline can be.

So what do you think? Do you like where the stories are going? It’s not quiet as crazy, unfortunately.

More thoughts:

I don’t like Emily and Ben together.

Jack did a great job playing Margaux. It even surprised me that the bracelet was a tool to disable Margaux’s server. Ouch.

Natalie and Victoria will slug it out, but Victoria will win.

Emily may have a hiccup or two with Margaux, but she’ll prevail. I wouldn’t mind Margaux and Em teaming up for some business later – what a team.

Jack and Emily will find happiness together eventually.






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