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Dear GH: We Need to Talk. Why Is Michael So Angry? And Why Does Silas Speak Only in Whispers?

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Dear GH,

We need to talk. I have questions, so many, many questions. The thing that is bothering me the most is what does Lucy Coe do when she is not planning the Nurses’ Ball or having lunch with Duke Lavery? She used to run a cosmetics company, then there was some issue with taxes and then, well, then she just sort of faded away. Where does she live? At the lighthouse? How does she pay her bills? I adore Lucy and need details.

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Why is Michael Corinthos Quatermaine so darn angry these days? Is it because he is slowly turning orange like John Boehner and Michael Kors? I’m kind of mad at Michael and want him to stop being so bullheaded. And calling baby Avery A.J. just confuses me. Every time he refers to her as A.J. I’m looking around for Michael’s bio dad. What happened to Rosalee? Wouldn’t she have been a good fit as a nanny? Now that Helena is not using her, she seems to have disappeared, along with whatever her big ole secret was.

I love that Morgan and Kiki are planning to frame Michael as an alcoholic (Morgan, you are your mother’s son for sure, since Carly did this to A.J.), but why hasn’t anyone mentioned it is slightly dangerous for a baby to live in a house where a deranged multiple personality dude who bites ears sometimes resides? And since we’re talking Qs, how is it Monica gets to pull strings and corrupt judges but doesn’t have to appear on camera to do it?

Is Tony Geary on a six-month vacation again? I’m not really a fan of these long breaks in Luke’s storyline. I’ve already admitted I’m not a fan of the multiple personality answer to the Fluke mystery, but I’ve heard someone has been cast as Patricia so perhaps the backstory will unfold and pique my interest while Mr. Geary relaxes in Amsterdam.

What has happened to Nina and Franco? They’re sort of moldering away in Shady Brook. I’m tired of their storyline. I’m tired of Nina always wearing yoga pants. And I still can’t get over the disconnect between the outrageous, maniacal Franco we had when he was played by James Franco and the mild-mannered (albeit ear biting) Franco (played by Roger Howarth) who has a soft spot for Nina. I have to keep reminding myself that he had a tumor removed that supposedly changed his personality. Because that happens to lots of people.

Is it just me or is Sonny suddenly hotter since he shaved the beard? He looks younger somehow. Why aren’t he and Carly moving in together if they are together? I kind of feel like Sonny could really manage Child of the Corn Josslyn. And I really don’t like Carly’s living room, so I would be happy for her to spend more time at Sonny’s.

How is it that no one but Spinelli notices Jake inhabits the same body Jason did? I’m looking forward to more scenes with Spinelli who always makes me laugh with his nicknames and Ed Norton face. It seems Spinelli is not yet successful at winning back Maxie, but baby Georgie (who is played by Kirsten Storms’ own daughter Harper, a fact I am loving since their interactions are so natural and real; compare this to Michael holding baby Avery/A.J. like a sack of flour) may be the glue that brings them back together. Nathan has annoyed me by not really fighting for Maxie. Get a spine!

Has there always been a set of French doors in the Jerome’s living room? Because I don’t remember them. Nor do I recall the couch being purple. Did Julian do some remodeling since Ava supposedly bit the dust?

Why do Silas and Julian Jerome only speak in whispers?  Silas, in particular, cannot seem to speak at a normal level ever. I worry he has vocal cord damage.

Why do some people always live in a hotel? Anna, Sloan, Scotty Baldwin, and Duke, to name a few. Can we just rename the Metro Court as Extended Stay Port Charles? And speaking of people without houses, how long will Alexis live with her daughter Sam until she gets a house of her own again? How are Sam and Patrick supposed to carry on with her mom there? I’m not a big fan of Sam and Patrick, however. He’s just not someone she can have adventures with, and I don’t think it’s going to work out.

Am I the only one not feeling the manufactured sexual tension between Anna and the newly chiseled Commissioner Sloan? Despite this, I adored the hanging chad comment when she randomly searched his hotel room for evidence of ballot box tampering that happened about five months ago. I love it when GH is sarcastic and cocky. Why is it ok for Anna and Jordan to meet in public places and Anna’s hotel room? Do they not understand what undercover really means?

As always, GH, I have more questions than answers, but I guess that’s why I keep watching. I’ll be watching to find out if T.J. and Molly are actually still dating. I’ll tune in to see if Lucas and Brad can get married because I’m still not over the fabulous wedding in the “Sex and the City” movie with the “All the Single Ladies” number and really want a reenactment (perhaps the Nurses’ Ball?). And I’ll keep watching to ind out if Ava is still wearing pantyhose under her hospital gown, because that really disturbs me.

How about you? Do you have questions about GH? Sound off in the comments below!



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3 responses to “Dear GH: We Need to Talk. Why Is Michael So Angry? And Why Does Silas Speak Only in Whispers?”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Great questions! I had forgotten that A.J. was Michael’s biological dad. So what was the scoop there? A.J. and Carly got together at some point? But didn’t Jason end up with Michael? I remember the courtroom scene way back when, where whoever the attorney was asked Jason for Michael’s schedule, and Jason knew the whole thing all day every day. Or am I thinking of a different baby?

  2. Brette Sember Avatar

    Carly and AJ hooked up. Carly panicked, drugged him, and made him think he had relapsed with alcoholism so he wouldn’t remember. He eventually did and found out he was the dad. Carly at first said Jason was the dad and he cared for Michael his first year while Carly had postpartum depression, but Jason knew he wasn’t the father. Carly then got together with Sonny and had him adopt Michael after battling with AJ. Just like what happened in your life, right?

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Ah ok. It’s coming back to me now. Yeah, that stuff happens all the time in our little farming community.

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