‘Glee’ Finishes ‘Transitioning’ Episode with Epic Transgender Choir

I know many of my friends think “Glee” is already over and have stopped watching the show in its final season. But last Friday, the ending of an episode that focused on the transgender experience was moving beyond belief.

Coach Beiste played by Dot-Marie Jones has transitioned from Shannon to Sheldon, and to help Sheldon feel welcome, Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and Unique (Alex Newell) gathered a choir of hundreds of transgender folks (with the help in real life of GLAAD). The result was an inspiring version of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman’s anthem from “Hairspray,” “I Know Where I’ve Been.”

Alex sang his heart out, as did the choir behind him. Take a look and a listen. With news like a story out today about the murder of a young transgender woman by her own father, I dare you not to cry.






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