YA Rewind: New ‘Fangirl’ Covers, Cybils Finalists Announced & More!

FangirlRainbow Rowell Announces Another Special Edition of ‘Fangirl’

Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Fangirl’ has been out for over a year now, but the buzz around the book has yet to die down. Not only is Rowell writing a fantasy novel based on the fanfiction series mentioned within the book, but ‘Fangirl’ is getting a new hardcover edition. Well, three new hardcover editions, if you count each color variant a different edition.

Barnes & Noble buyers will get a berry pink cover. Indigo Chapters buyers will get a yellow cover. Buyers at all other retailers will get a bubblegum pink cover. The hardcover, ribbon-marked book will also feature fan art and an excerpt of Rowell’s upcoming novel ‘Carry On’. Buy ‘Fangirl’ on Amazon.

Cybils Announce Finalists, Includes ‘Pointe’ and ‘The Winner’s Curse’

The Cybils announced their finalists for their 2014 nomination year. Books for the Cybils are nominated by readers in the book community before being chosen by a group of judges in the book blogging community. Finalists are chosen based on literary merit and popular appeal.

Though the list includes a dozen categories with multiple books in every category, books to note include Brandy Colbert’s stunning contemporary ‘Pointe’ and Marie Rutkoski’s amazing fantasy ‘The Winner’s Curse.’ Buy ‘The Winner’s Curse‘ and ‘Pointe‘ on Amazon.

To see the complete list, visit the Cybils website.

Book Deal of the Week

Meagan Spooner is the co-author of ‘These Broken Stars,’ one of my favorite books of the past three years. Her next standalone is a fantasy called ‘Hunted,’ which is a reimagining of both “Beauty and the Beast” and Russia’s “Firebird” folk talke.

I’m a sucker for retellings, and to have one of my favorite authors writing one? Yes, please!

However, we have a long wait for this one – winter 2017! – so you have plenty of time to go and read every other book she’s published. Buy ‘These Broken Stars‘ on Amazon.

Thoughts on this YA news? Are you a ‘fangirl’ of these authors? Sound off in the comments below! 


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