‘Revenge’ Recap: Kindred – 4×14


Revenge” — how I love this show. A lot is going on in the Hamptons right now, and I don’t know which storyline I like the best. The writers always surprise me, but that’s they way it should be, right?!

Nolan and Louise plan a wedding reception at Emily’s house. Mommy dearest shows up and tries to ruin it all. She and Louise’s brother are determined to get Louise to sign an annulment and have the conservatorship put back into their mother’s name. Brother dearest showed Louise a fake police report stating that little Louise killed her father. Well, we knew Nolan wouldn’t stand for that. He was able to get a hold of the REAL police report showing that her mother, yes, mother was the one who pushed her father down the stairs to his death. Wow, picking money and power over your own child … I hope we never see mom again. I have to say though, she did an excellent job being a villain. She’s meaner than Victoria.

Did anyone notice (of course you did) Kim Richards of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the episode?

Jack and Ben are to get a medal of honor for their help in taking down Malcolm Black – heck, I’ll give them an award! Jack has a hard time accepting it. He still has guilt for killing Kate (although he knows she was bad) — taking a life. I like that he feels that way, he’s human. Emily tries to sugar coat it (that’s not the right term), but Jack still feels guilty and wonders how Emily lives with everything. I do think Emily feels bad about a lot of the pain she’s caused and how things spiraled out of control … yes, totally out of control.

After Jack and Ben attend the ceremony, Jack quits the force. It’s not for him. I’d like him to open a new bar. That’s his deal — he’s down to earth and can follow in his father’s footsteps. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Victoria plans a fundraiser for Daniel’s Foundation. At a luncheon, she meets with her old friendsand a newbie to the Hamptons — Natalie. Natalie tells Victoria she’s in her seat, but Victoria doesn’t want to give it up. They both try and maintain control as Natalie let’s it be known that Victoria may not be the Queen of the Hamptons anymore — as Victoria finds out the hard way by all of the no-shows at the fundraiser.

But, we didn’t rule Victoria out, did we? I didn’t. At Nolan’s reception, she put the ladies in their places by threatening to expose all of their various secrets unless they write checks to the foundation — which they did. Natalie was impressed. Maybe they will team up or be huge enemies. She’s being written into the story for a reason … hum.

Jack and Margaux run into each other at the reception (I guess that was the place to be). They exchange niceties and toast Margaux’s baby. I was thinking that maybe they should get back together. They are nice people (although I’m a little mad at Margaux right now — even though I shouldn’t be) and would be — and were — good together. What do you think?

David seems happy. I like his vibe a lot better now that Malcolm is gone and Emily, Victoria and David have an understanding (at least for now). He gives Emily a birthday present — her real birth certificate. She doesn’t know if she wants to be Amanda Clarke again. So many things have happened. They embrace and a photo is taken … by Margaux’s guy …

Emily sees the photo and headline on the front of Margaux’s paper and shows up at her office to confront her about it. Emily tries to soften things (trying to be a better person now), but Margaux is determined to reveal Emily’s secrets — Bring It is how Emily feels about Margaux’s insistence. She also reminds Margaux that Pascal was not exactly a good guy and would leak his dirty laundry if Margaux proceeds. All I have to say is those two have very strong personalities and are both very smart. I’m sure we’re in for some fun.

Emily shows up at Ben’s house to talk, and in the meantime Jack heads to Ben’s house to tell him why he quit the force — he sees Ben and Emily embrace! Of course he does, why have Jack and Emily finally get together? Why make us happy?

Last scene, Victoria gets a call from someone saying there has been a death in the family? What? Another death? Can you imagine if it’s Charlotte?! Victoria can’t lose both of her kids. OMG, even I would feel really bad for her! Who could it be, though?

What did you think about Jack seeing Ben and Emily? Will Margaux or Emily win the fight? Sound off in the comments below! 






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